Free Weed and Cigars, yay

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by jagfan, May 5, 2004.

  1. Alright well im really high off this stuff i got for free this weekend, so i thought i might post some pictures of the weed and cigars i got.

    edit: i didnt notice how stemy it looked inthe pic but it really wasnt to bad, it was also really dense it was a little more than a 1/8.. and it was free :D

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  2. ah free weed is always the best.
    My friend owes me hella for favors I've done for him.
    But usually when I smoke I just smoke whatever everybody else is. I rarely smoke my own shit--unless I'm throwing up for a

    So ya what cigars are those? I've never seen them before.
    Are they flavored or somthing?

  3. hahaha there green

  4. i was wondering the same thing
  5. There was a thread in this forum showing how to roll a blunt with a cigar named: "green leaves"
    I think thats what it is.
    The green shit on the outside is just a tube that holds the cigar inside.

    I dunno--I just use Swishas, and Black n Milds.

  6. Sorry for taking a while to reply. Those cigars are called "White Owls", it was the first time ihave ever had them but i really liked them and will probably start getting them every now and then/
  7. Are these cigars flavored or anything perticular?

  8. white owls come in a variety of flavors.... like phillies... they're good... and you can always reuse the case as a stash holder :)

    i use white owls as well.... but i love phillies... sour apple or strawberry... yumm.

    oh yea by the way..... congrats on your free herbal :D
  9. ^^^

    Word. Our gas station just started getting Sour Apple Phillies. They're tasty.
  10. im a fan of peach phillies..but there all good
  11. Yeah those were sour apples and they were good :) i just finished off that weed last night also. :(
  12. damn. never got a cigar in a thing like that.
  13. Those were the first cigars that i have had that were in a tube, and i thought they would be more expensive or something but they werent.
  14. All about strawberry swishers lol
  15. yeah white owl in my opinion is the best to roll a blunt with.especially the peach and grape they are the best givem a try you'll love em
  16. How come there is no love for Dutches or Backwoods?They burn the slowest, but the strawberry Philly is the best tasting.
  17. dutchies are the best, greenies and vanilla.
  18. i love me a good old vanilla dutchy when im rollin up a blunt.... probaly cuz my local deli doesnt sell wraps... but w/e
  19. White Owls are the best tasteing to me, my favs are peach, grape, and sour apple.....and my glass pipe >xD
  20. we usually get peach phillies, or just everyday dutchmasters...or whatever is cheap.

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