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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by littlegrower, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. hey everyone, so 5 minutes ago i was walkin home from a friends house and it was raning outside. im walking on the sidewalk and i see these lines on the ground. there worms! so i grabbed 1 and threw it in my pot and watched it dig. soo i was just telling everyone to give them the idea. It can only benifit the plant right? just curious.
  2. There was recently a post on growing with earth worms. Do a search and check it out.
  3. Haha yea, worms come out when its rainging since the rain can drown them if their holes get flooded. Worms areate the soil by diging through it and help break down parts of hte soil into bits more easily utilized by plants. If it gets too hot and they die though they'll stink like hell.
  4. just like everything else we contemplate doing here ...
    what works for others doesnt work for all ..... id use em ..we all know worm castings benifit our grows and that areation is a plus.........
    good for you always thinkin of your babies :smoke:
  5. just tossed 1 in each of mine good idea
  6. is there any chance they would start going after the roots??
  7. i dont think so... im pretty sure i saw a thing on dirty jobs about some worm farmers and they said how beneficial they were for plants... like they sold the worm castings as fertilizer and the worms as aeration and decomposition helpers... like they eat all the dead plant and organic matter in the soil that i think could rot and help turn it into actual soil... i was actually going to do the same thing when i move my babies... like get one really wide like 18x18x10 inch pot and putting good organic soil and like 5 worms in it... and so you all know you can get the big nightcrawlers and the little red worms at like petsmart in the fish section... i think im going to go for the small red worms and let all the extras go in the yard haha... but yeah you should gain something from them and im 99% sure it wont hurt anything
  8. oh one other thing though... i wouldnt do it in the veg stage cuz worms need to come to the surface some times and i think they only do it in the dark after rain when its cool out... so the 12 off cycle in the flower stage would be great... i dunno bout if your using 18/6 though... prolly work... i guess then could i switch to 18/6 from 24hr? nyways... i think just make sure theres some darkness and a watering right before the lights off if you have worms... good luck and good idea...

  9. how about ladybugs? jst thought id bring it up since we were on the little critters subject. i hear that a bunch of those in your plant area will keep the... bad bugs away... or... u know wut i mean.

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