Free Trade? Fair Trade?

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Sep 28, 2003.


Free trade or fair trade?

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  1. simple as ^
  2. definately free.

    we all live on one world. whos so say there should be tariffs set at certain imaginary lines on the planet? it was greed that made us seperate like this. free trade is the way to go. tariffs can be good for the short term, but they dont seem to work out good.
  3. :rolleyes:

    i'll await other replies before i start a huge rant AT you for that adambc.
  4. hahahah, i cant wait ;)

    (oh and i want to here your rant, but really, i have no clue about this topic, that was just a blind statement, talking out of my ass.
  5. ok abc, i'll go easy on ya then. lol.

    but maybe it shouldnt be aimed just at you.. i see that there are now two votes for free.

    is the propaganda really that powerfull?

    haha,,, what a stupid fuckin Q i just asked. of course it is. those who are on the side of "free" trade are those who prosper the most from it. I.E. CORPORATIONS.

    Free trade is fuck all to do with "free" and all to do with "trade", or as us poverty sympathisers like to call it... "exploitation". Free trade is, and has long been getting manipulated and twisted to fit the needs of the rich. even at its most basic and untwistedness its still gonna be screw over those who have least say in the production process (the farmers, those at the start of the chain). Its quite similar to the "pop industry". its all upside down.

    fair trade isnt just about tarrifs. FAR from it. FAR FAR FAR FAR from it.

    anyawys... i've left this rant far to late in the day (almost 6 am) and havnt got the energy to continue just now to explain futher all that fair trade is about.... i'll be back. ;)

    but adam.... next time you blindly talk outta yer arse, try to avoid words like "definately". ;) heehee.
  6. All i wanna say is that greed isnt always such a bad thing. Whos to say someone elses needs are greater than your own? Why should someone elses wants be put infront of yours? Now there are extremes so dont flame me on that...

  7. i wasnt gonna flame ya... but i was gonna sugest you go spend some time living in the poorest areas of the world, how about india, africa, south america and many places dotted about in teh rest of asia and a good few in europe too. see if you still have that phiolosphy after spending time in slum conditions, maybe if you caught malaria or river blindess too, that might help you to empathise with the situation.

    i'm not gonna get into the debate about whether or not greed is a good thing here, what i will say is,
    are you really saying that you dont think that these "extremes" are reason enough for corrective action?

    and just so you are aware... these "extremes" are in effect on about 80-90% of the worlds population (depending on your perspective).
  8. In my opinion, what you are saying about corps and free trade I think has to do with fair trade. As long as people are willing to pay for something, tarriffs and other expenses can be added to make them have to pay more. It has as much to do with fair as your view of free trade has with free. I had more to say a minute ago, but I'm getting really sleepy now and I may have more to say later.
  9. dumbness.. we tax it both ways.. no point in making the money swich hands twice.. pointless.. just a waste of time..

  10. I was saying that "there are extremes", like those you stated, and those can be given exceptions.
  11. Free trade can only work if it comes with a huge sense of responsibility on the part of the businesses. Trickle down economics simply doesn't work considering the deplorable track record of business owners. We can't expect free trade to work if they keep outsourcing jobs and working for nothing but themselves. Restrict the market or find a way to put truly wise, altruistic people in charge.

    moving this to general, why is it in seasoned tokers? you're so wacky Digit
  12. hahah good points digit :D

    anyways, i dont like to pay attention to all this global crap, just seems to make you get frustrated with how good a job us humans did at ruining a perfectly civilized planet.

    to me it seems the only reason our society is the way it is today, is because humans are born to follow. no one needs a 200,000 luxury Cadillac SUV, but if its made, someone will decide thats what they need to own. same goes for people in the third world countries, everyones too stuck on getting to where those above the poverty line are, but this is impossible. none of those people worked and earned their way their, they were born into it, and then blindly followed the paths of their ancestors.

    i dont know where im going with this... ive gotten somewhat off topic, but yea... ill have to change my vote. now with more than a minutes thought on a topic i dont know anything about, i have decided fair trade can be GOOD!

    if some poor man in india has potatoes, and someone in the states needs those potatoes, then why should the american be able to decided the potatoes should have no fees attached and be as cheap as possible.

    (i didnt mean to pick americans in that up there ^^, just the first country i thought of. you can reverse india and the states positions if you want, still makes the same sense)

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