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  1. Hey guys, I love to free style when I'm high, its just so nice and fun.

    Here's one I did.
    It would be great to post your shit too!

    This is always a classic beat to freestyle on, especially since I'm a Biggie fan.
    [ame=""]YouTube - The Notorious B.I.G. - Warning (Instrumental) [TRACK 4][/ame]

    You don't understand.
    My hands are the rules of the land.
    I'm a fuckin' soldier,
    gettin stronger as I get older.
    I'm a ganja patroller, blowin mad shit ova
    But I never spill the bowl, I just do as I'm told.

    So chill, I know its real.
    Trynna cop a deal
    When you ain't
    got pockets of steel.

    So I noticed that
    my 'rents ain't home.
    Let me get red eye's
    And eat 25 scones.

    Let it come to you,
    its not always all true
    The truth is,
    we're easy to lie to.

    And when my word of speech
    runs out of reach.
    I sit back
    Light up the bowlpack
    till I get a heart attack
  2. not bad... i think you shoulda said it over the track so we could hear your flow. But the way i read it out sounded good :D
  3. Free style #2.

    [ame=]YouTube - 8 Mile Battle Instrumental[/ame]

    So I wake up (wake up)
    at a quarter to ten
    That's when.
    I get my quarters for ten.
    Smoke more fire
    than gasoline
    Makin' you wet your spleen,
    cause my rhymes make you scream
    So when I got my homies.
    And some weed to smoke on,
    Choke on, then get our toke on.
    We real strong,
    But I minds can't find the daily grind
    for long. Cuz we hit the bonggg

    They say its bad, but I have a good time
    It keeps my rhymes at the top of their prime
    Makin' dimes, wasting time
    With school shit; ain't that some bull shit?
    But this motherfucker smokes himself dumb
    And he aint' the only one
    To taste blueberry yumyum.
    That's how it goes.
    I sure love you hoes.
    I know I'm not big husssluhh
    But when it comes to online rappin,
    I'll bustyaaa
    Sit down and pull up your fuckin' panties
    don't start callin' me Mr. Daddy.
    I ain't yo man, I'm just another fan
    Who wants tuh, snuggle witchya, realll fast.
    And then I bounce pass, relax,
    And I'm outchya window, 'befo you can say indo.
    That's the way it goes.
  4. Kinda useless with out your flow over the beat..
  5. shits hella tight dawg, keep it up... fuck haters
  6. "It keeps my rhymes at the top of their prime"

    I woulda went with it keeps my rhymes at the top of the line

    or something like that.
  7. That's cool with me.
    But instead of critiquing, you could type some of your OG shit up here!

    ...You know, unless you can't handle that...
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    [ame=]YouTube - City Lights Verse[/ame]

    heres a verse i made today

  9. heres mine
    [ame=]YouTube - YouSuck MURDERS the shook ones beat haha[/ame]
  10. Nope. im not a rapper. but it would be kind of sad if my non rapper og shit can improve your shit.

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