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    No not the camel shit the real swedish shit

    Free Snus: Where Can I Get Free Swedish Snus?

    takes about a minute to fill out and they will send you like 4 samples of 3 portions each for absolutly nothing. cant beat free eh!

    oh its from swedish match, the leading snus maker. brand is general snus
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    Fuck yeah! I recently started using it to ween myself off of cigarettes and it has worked like a charm. I was diagnosed with lung disease roughly eight years ago and it's catching up with me now. I'm going to get me some free snus!

    Edit: Nevermind, it told me it couldn't confirm my age and I don't feel like mailing out a form.
  3. They do not ship to Afganistan yet. I will just have to wait. ) :
  4. bzzump the free tabaccy
  5. That Swedish shit is nasty. I bought a sampler pack of different brands, all of it made me sick.

    Camel snus is fine though.
  6. I find camel snus to be an Americanized Basterdized version, its a bit too sweet, cost 2 much a tin of camel is $5 15 x .6grm pouches, while real snus is 24 x 1 grm pouches for about 3 a can.
  7. This is one of the greatest days of my life. :)

  8. In other words if you like the taste of ass go for the Swedish brands, if you like a sweet bubblegum like flavor, stick with Camel.

    I get coupons all the time for free tins of Camel, so I'm not paying too much.
  9. I'll do you one better.. while I went to a local gas station in my college town and simply wanted to buy a pac of snus the lady said.. "no one ever buys this stuff, how much do you want?" I said "just one" and she said "here take this whole thing" and that is how I got an entire case of snus.. I think there were like around 40 cans? needless to say I have done so much snus now that I am absolutely sick of it.
  10. you should sell it to minors for 5 a can, LOL!
  11. The camel stuff is fine. Some people just automatically not like American stuff, it's the popular in thing to do nowdays.
  12. Yeah I'm one of the few folks who uses Snus around here, always plenty of it and sometimes I can get 1 free if I buy a can.
  13. HAHA! not a bad idea but I seriously got so sick of it I threw it all away. That stuff goes bad too after awhile anyways.
  14. dude, i am an american, i just like the taste o tabaccy, not the sweet syrupy taste of camel snus. to each his own eh.
  15. it only costs the health of your mouth...

  16. Wasn't directing it soley at you man, sorry. Just been noticing a lot of what I was talking about though on pretty much EVERYTHING to do with American stuff here lately (it's usually other Americans doing the bashing).
  17. I just threw in a huge pinch of Grizzly Wintergreen and signed up for these.

    I have a feeling I'm going to be disappointing when I get them though.
  18. They were giving away free camel snus around where I live. It's too sweet in my opinion; I got drunk and someone gave me some and I thought it was gum for a second.

    I'd like to try this real stuff.

    ~Edit~ Grizzly Wintergreen FTW
  19. havent tried it yet but i already have 5 coupons for free camel snus..
  20. I won't dip, but I think Camel Snus is great. I realize that it's the "American bastardized" version, which is why I'm ordering some so I can try both.

    Has anyone else had an issue with the age verification thing though? I'm 99.9% I know how old I am.

    *edit woot 500 posts lol
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