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  1. Ive been thinking about this. What if u smoke out of anything dosent matter is it possible/does it work to smoke and exhale into something that can storage the smoke and then smoke it again? Would it be like taking another hit? If it works maybe it can be infinite free?
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  2. How old are you?
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  3. 18
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  4. Bruh im series cant this work?
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  5. Im really high right nkw btw
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  6. So can this work?
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  7. OMG what if we do the same with vehicles? Infinite fuel! We're rich bruh!
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  8. YES, store the ASC (already smoked cannabis) smoke in a stainless steel thermos. Open & inhale as needed. I read about this on a website in Amsterdam so it MUST be true.
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  9. I store my farts in a box so I can share them at a later time. :D

    But seriously, Stoter, there's no free lunch. There is something you can do to recover some of what you smoke, though...

    Get a Volcano. Use it to vape weed until the inside of the balloon gets coated with a lot of resin. Next, wash out the resin using 200 proof alcohol, or 99% isopropyl alcohol, and collect what you've washed into a dish. Allow the alcohol to evaporate. Do this outside or somewhere well ventilated where you don't hang out. ( Alcohol fumes are bad for you.) What is left is honey oil.

    Of course, the Volcano costs 500-700 dollars depending on which one you get, and coating the inside of the balloon like that is gonna take a lot of weed... but in the end you'll recover at least $40 worth of oil! :D

    The other way people recover weed is by saving their already been vaped (ABV) weed and using it for edibles. This is more realistic imo. ;)
  10. You blow it into a large party balloon and inhale it and blow it back into the balloon. Its called recycling.

    And no it's not infinite. Eventually your lungs will absorb all of the smoke particles.

    You might even get sucked into the balloon from the vacuum void left by the smoke.
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