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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Weight448, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I use Photoshop CS5, give me an idea of something you want or an image, and what text you want and I'll do my best to fulfill your imagination.
  2. Surprised no one's asked yet.
    I'll be fine though, thanks for offering :)
  3. can you do something that says Twixter96 and has some tie-dye and peace signs in the backround? thanks if you can man
  4. can you make mine with money,gun .45 glock..and dank weed ,Aztec shit too:smoke:
  5. Here you go dude, didn't save a copy so if you want anything different I might have to start over.


    Sure thing but can you be more specific with "aztec?" :)
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    Hey could you do something that says DASA_49
    and is red and black with maybe some Arabic writing
    Thanks alot man!

    In Arabic can you just write ASAD

    I think i'm asking too much lol my bad
  7. AsadDasa, how is this?

  8. That is SICK! Thanks alot !!
  9. Could you do my name in white bubble letters amidst a cool weedthemed background?
  10. Hey man could you make something funky that involves the word pocketthunder I don't really care what it's like just use ur imagination ha
  11. Doobiesnboobies,

    I wasn't sure if you wanted your username or "amidst" but if different, let me know.

  12. Damn thats fast... Haha i wanted my name tho
  13. Couldn't really get much outta funky man, but I used my imagination.. :eek:

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    Alright give me a min, I'll edit this post back with it .

    EDIT : [​IMG]
  15. Siiiiick. Mad props
  16. could ya make me a trippy one with Platinumtoker on it

    get creative im down for anything
  17. Yep, I'll have it tomorrow though I'm going to bed right now. Night GC ! :)
  18. now that im sober, can you make somethin that represents the term "punch a cone" like a fist, a traffic cone, and maybe just the letter A. i guess give it some lightning bolts like u did with my first one, no matter what the outcome, thanks man
  19. I would love something that combines weed and Hello Kitty and my user name. I found this pic. I have been trying to make something on my own but I can't seem to get it. Thank you :D


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