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  1. ive been looking all around for a site that has free mp3 ringtones but that doesnt require your phone to access the luck. does anyone know of any?? +rep to anybody who does. thanks :D
  2. Shit ill plus rep them too.
  3. are the ring tones free?
  4. U can just make your own ringtones with songs you have at and i think you text them to your phone or something... Ive never used it but i hear it works... I need a new ringtone anyway.

    Just tried it, it works pretty well, they send you a link to dowload it on your phone, i did a song off of my computer and it picked a random 20 seconds from it or something.
  5. I don't think there's such thing as free ring tones. Labels make money off of ringtones, they're not going to make them available for free.
  6. The website i gave the ringtones are completely free... and you can use any song on your computer (except the stupid copyrighted ones you buy from itunes...). Only problem i found is you cant choose the portion of the song you want, unless u cut the song up and save what you want as a different file.

    Ohhh... maybe i should of read all of the first post before i replied...:smoking: I didnt see the part about with out using the phones internet... You could probably do it if you had a phone with internet and both phones had bluetooth...
  7. Good site man, I got 2 ring tones off it like nothing dude. +rep to you.

    By far the best site. You can upload any part of any mp3 you have and use it as your ringtone. Free.

    It kicks ass.
  9. Nah dude, the other one was better, you dont have to sign up for that shit.
  10. I was gonna say the same thing but you beat me to it
  11. any song on your computer u just get it sent to your phone as a text and save it its awsome and free no signup that i know of and u can edit the tone to how much or what part of the song u want to play
  12. Looked good, but they just send you a download link which requires you to access the internet from your phone; which as far as im aware costs money.
  13. nah i do it all the time u give them your phone # and the only thing it costs is w/e u get charged for a regular text message
  14. all these sites are good...except all require phones with internet access, ive tried them all. theyre all awesome sites if you have the right phone. has anyone found one yet that doesnt require internet?
  15. these websites work very well i just added like 30 nwe ring tones to my phone :)
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    I also often download sonnerie telephone on websites: SoneriePortable They're really good
  17. This thread hasn't aged well..
  18. Why are all these old threads getting bumped??

    solid contribution, which websites are you downloading young joc ringtones for your sidekick on, MySpace?

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