FREE rage against the machine show!!

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by yellow bic, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. thats right its happening in denver when the DNC comes to town.

    its a free show promoting the general idea that the war needs to end/fuck the war

    gotta be in a lottery to get tickets. im hoping i can catch this once in a lifetime thing!

  2. lucky . . . ass . . . motha . . . fucka
  3. Oh Hell YES :hello: its about time. I gotta get my ass downtown next weekend to get in this lottery!
  4. Lucky, they never do any thing like that in NC. at least idk about it.
  5. the ONE band i want to see before i die and have yet to do so.
    be careful though. things went bad back in 2000 when they last played at the democratic national convention. crowd control ended up using bean bags, tear gas, horses, etc.
  6. Oh fuck yes!
    I'm definitely gonna get down there and sign up for the lottery.

    I wonder how many tickets they'll be giving out.
  7. That's awesome. This band will always surpass expectation.
  8. but please realize this is an anti-war protest. not just a free concert/party but there is a point to it. i vote instead of makin it anti-war we make it pro-peace! rock the world with music and love brotha! see ya there!
  9. yeah theyre playing in minneapolis too, along with anti-flag and tom morello's solo project (the nightwatchman)
  10. i saw them at rock the bells..... be prepared for the most intense, energetic concert of your life

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