Free Quizno's Sub!

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    I just got my coupon for a free small signature sub or small every day value sub. I'm pretty fucking excited. For all those sandwich lovers, enjoy!

    EDIT: There's no need to do anything tedious, just fill out your name and email address and get a free small sub. Check your spam email when it's sent, that's where I found mine in my gmail.
  2. It keeps telling me to enter a valid date of birth when i already did ,shiiiiittttttttt
  3. Doesnt work for Canadians?

  4. Do I pick this shit up or is it gonna come to my house lol.
  5. lol delivery please
  6. i love this free food
  7. Damn I've never had a sub before but I wanna try one, which one should I get? :confused:
  8. turkey ranch and swiss is good
  9. k I'm gonna try it if I feel like going to quiznos today lol
  10. They just sent me an email, but I ignored it after seeing that 'millionsubs' site. A minute or two afterwords, my Aunt sent me an email saying 'DON'T DELETE ANY EMAILS FROM QUIZNOS! IT'S FOR A FREE SUB!' and then, very shortly after that, I saw this.

    I think I'm going to cash this one in.

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    I'm sure there taxes involved too. so it not really free. ;)

    I would do it but no meatballs coupon. :(
  12. Sweet, just printed the coupon.

    Thanks for the link.
  13. Nice, going to snag one up tomorrow

    Thanks for link :smoking:
  14. sweet link!
    haha my printers fucked up though,
    so I won't be able to enjoy this.
  15. Yeah my printer was fucked up too, had to use my sister's.

    Got my sub like 10 mins ago, the people who work at the one near me are like borderline retarded but the sub was good as hell.

    Edit: @wackdeafboy, there wasn't any tax it's totally free
  16. sick, good lookin bro
  17. haha right on!

    got a classic italian

    looks good

    i'm pissed though that they didn't have the primo meatball as a choise
  18. Got baked and went to Quizno's and ate a yummy sub... for free!

    Thanks OP for the link!
  19. I'm definitely going again tomorrow under a different name cuz they didn't ask for any ID lol

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