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  1. What are some good places to stay for free or cheap over night if you're traveling on a road trip and out of state? I've heard of things like Wal-Mart parking lots and whatnot and would like to hear more ideas of this nature. I'm planning out a long road trip and want to make it as cheap as bearably possible. Thank you.
  2. if you're in an rv or something, you won't be bothered in a walmart parking lot, and if you do in 1, theres plenty of other walmarts inthe world lol
  3. As I was walking home from a party that was like 8 miles from my house at 4am drunk and high and I had a similar issue. I ended up walking about half way, sitting on some stairs and falling asleep for maybe 10 minutes, then walking some more and sleeping on a bench for another hot 10 before the buses started running again.

    Bushes looked pretty nice if I had a sleeping bag though
  4. neighborhood pool parking lots are the best if you can find one.

    truck stops are okay ( if you dont mind people walking around you time to time ) and empty walmart parking lots in the very back. like near the RV's, just park by them.

    park parking lots or parking lots of nice buildings in a crime free area.

    residential is a good area to crash. ( could even ask ppll if you could sleep in your car outside their home ).

  5. Haha if someone came to my house in a big ass RV and asked to park infront of my home to sleep I'd think something was up. Then again this isn't the nicest neighborhood..
  6. where i live, if 2 or 3 nice looking dudes looking as if they were goin on a road trip wanted to crash outside my place, i wouldnt mind. doors would still be locked regardless, but i would let em in in the morning to piss and what not.

    on the other hand, if they were some chicks, id let them in that night :rolleyes:
  7. Great, you could tell me about how you almost got some butt and how you got robbed clean.
  8. Hostels are good. I recently roadtripped through Canada, and we ended up staying a couple of nights in a Hostel. They can be pretty sketchy though. The one I stayed at was run by Hostelling International, and it was a really nice, clean place. You have access to laundry and a community kitchen and whatnot.
    Other than that we slept in a tent.
    Also, check out It's an organized network of people willing to let you sleep on their couch.
  9. Don't see what's wrong with any parking lot, and a tent for hot nights I guess. I'm fuckin keen for a mean road trip as well, can't wait til I save up a bit of money.. Where were you plannin to go for your trip, OP?
  10. Lets drive to New Zealand!
  11. its a site where ppl let you crash on their couch for a short amount of time and its global. you could also let ppl crash at your place. awesome site that i plan on using sometime in the future.
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    Bureau of Land Management Campgrounds

    There's a lot of campgrounds listed on this site for 5-10 bucks a night....some are even husband and I used to stay at campsites like this and they're a blast because it's usually just a bunch of stoners staying there....we stayed at one here in Michigan that's located on a lake with a dam and a river below the up in the morning and a buncha women were under the water below the dam husband was in his glory! Yes, they were naked :eek:

    Anyways, the site tells all about them and has links for you to search for them ...they're mostly located on public land which is why they are so cheap and they don't even have campground attendants....the one we stayed at here in Michigan had a pipe with a slot in the top for you to put money (6 bucks) in an envelope and drop it in....before you drop it in the pipe you take the tab off the envelope and put it on a stake by the campsite you choose and then if a ranger comes through and checks, he sees that you paid...the tab is like a ranger ever came through when we were there though

  13. out for them lot lizards ;)
  14. Something you might take into consideration is Rest Areas off of Major Highways. I have always wanted to backpack through the states, maybe do it on a scooter.
  15. google couchsurfing.

    Should be some help.
  16. Hmm suprised no one has said the beach yet..................I've slept on the beach fucked up many nights. Well that is if your on the coast.
  17. get some camping gear. there are campgrounds all over the US. They cost anywhere btwn 0-20 bucks per night, much better than paying for a motel. Hostels are an option, but you usually gotta share the room with 2-4 other people and it can be loud/dirty. you can get a campground directory to bring with you and you will have no problems finding a campground wherever you are. Directories and Camping Directories
  18. Thanks to everyone who's posted. This has all been very helpful.

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