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Free Piece/s

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by IloveweedNrock, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Have you ever gotten a free piece either from friends, family, or by some coincident or miracle.

    I will edit my story in later, but i'm about to go smoke. So let me know people, i'm sure that i'm not the only one.
  2. I wanna here your story first. Ima go smoke
  3. Just got a sick piece yesterday actually :)
  4. Anyone else thought this guy was giving away glass? Lol sorry op, continue thread
  5. I have a 2 1/2 ft, straight glass bowl named the wand. Best buddy gave it to me for my birthday
  6. An apple from the cafeteria lady
  7. Some chick left her pipe at my place and never took it back. My old dealer also gave me a free scale because he got a new one. Still use both to this day. :smoke:
  8. My...second piece was free. I had to get rid of my first one because my parents were going to search my shit. A buddy heard i needed a piece and he was moving to texas so he gave me his cyclone bowl. I had to ditch that piece as well :(
  9. the cops just got a free bub from ya boy on saturday. straight up stole that shit, saw him spark a lighter in his car when he was leaving too. fuckin pigs
  10. My friend let me have his chillum last year... I lost it!
  11. sister found out she was pregnant the other day, so i got to have her nice water bong shit rips ! i consider it a miracle ;)
  12. I've gotten 1 metal, 2 glass bowls, and an acrylic bong for free. Also got the empty tube from a roll of shrink wrap and a 20 oz soda bottle and turned them into a giant steamroller.
  13. Yep. Actually, I didn't buy any of the pieces I currently have. My dealer gave me one pipe, my friend gave me the other, and I had a friend leave a really expensive bong here about 18 months ago. I called him after a week and reminded him, but he never came back for it. I haven't hung out with him much since, but he has my number, lives 2 miles away, and I even saw him in Publix 4-5 months ago and he didn't ask for it back.

  14. lol:smoke:

    edit: the only time i got a free piece was from the first dispensary i went to they gave me a goodie bag with a free lighter, acrylic grinder, pipe, and some kief
  15. I'm supposed to be getting a glass pipe from my brother next time I see him.

    Lucky bastard found it at a bus stop. lol
  16. I got a free 200 dollar 2-foot bong once since I was in possession of it when a friend came out of rehab for something else and came out all brainwashed. I had it for a couple years or so until I got really high once and broke it.

    Edit: Just so were clear not on purpose.
  17. One of my old roommates left me a nice glass spoon when he moved out.

    And it wasn't completely free, but one hookup gave me a pretty much new chromium crusher for $10 when he got a new grinder
  18. One of my friend's parents got out of the game for about 6 months, so for a good while I was his connection. He was a really cool dude. He'd been smoking since he was a kid and he was 50 something or other now. But my girlfriend, my friend, her dad, and I were at my friend's house smoking out of a little home-made shotgunner that her dad had made and I made a comment about how much I liked it. He said "Since you've been bein' so good about getting me weed you can just have it man. I'll just smoke joints." He's a really cool guy. Still smoke with him every once in a while.
  19. i'm a giver, give so much stuff away its crazy. forget about it too and just keep doing it. need to cut back a little but don't think i'll stop.
  20. I usually get a lot of free pieces from clubs. One gave me this awesome pipe with some twister looking thing inside that functioned as an ashcatcher. It had the perfect sized bowl and everything. I dropped it. :/

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