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free pancake day

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by burns420, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Not sure if anyone posted this already i looked and couldnt find anything. Ihop will be giving away free pancakes on the 24th from 7am to 10pm its a great oppertunity to wake and bake and get pancakes and then bake some more and get more pancakes

  2. thats wicked dude, food is wicked alone but when its free its godly,
  3. I'll be Ihoppin that day, hopefully I don't throw up all over the waitress, then scream, "Wheres my ******* BLOODY PANCAKES!" then pass out n wake up in my bed like last year. LOL! :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  4. Pancakes are the ultimate munchies food.
  5. I seem to have wet myself:(
  6. Are you sure you're not sure?
  7. id definatly finger fuck the hell out of that place, and so i shall. on the 24th atleast.
  8. Ihop is like the offical wake and bake or night time eat place for me and my friends :p
  9. 'tis the best :)
  10. sweet. good deal.
  11. definitely smoking a bowl and hitting up ihop on the 24th..
  12. LOL - My girlfriend's birthday. I guess I know where I'm takin her for dinner.
  13. oohhhh moma!!! GET IN MY BELLY!!!

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