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Discussion in 'Movies' started by COOOL, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Does anybody know a good site to watch free newly released movies, that are not on video yet? Ive been trying to watch youth in revolt but cannot find it. I found 2012 last night and watched it, decent movie. Does anyone have any secret movie sites?
  2. google
  3. this^

    and use the magavideo videos if possible, there usually the fastest & best quality
  4. Don't use them you only get 50-60 minutes of viewing then it cuts you off....then you have to use a new link and wait for it to buffer 50-60 minutes so you can get back to the spot you were at.

    both good.
  6. awsome thanks alot

    will get you all the links needed
  8. I use
  10. is my favorite.

  11. Wow,it is amazing to see the web-source that you have shared with all of us.I will definitely watch soime of the movies online for free in spare time.
  12. Thanks for providing source of the movies.
  13. Thanks for providing good sources for watch free movies online.
  14. well i love to watch movies and i use to watch from many sites but mine favorite one is the mention site .
  15. "Cheating Death" has suggested an excellent site. Thanks for sharing buddy.

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