FREE MX clone gel samples

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  1. I still haven't got my sample yet lol
  2. ^ me three, lol.
  3. I got 2. Lol! Arrived in 3 bus days

  4. Lucky, I'm still waiting for mine.
  5. aye 3 days for me as well. Thanks OP! more cheese for me!!
  6. Got my sample, its a little plastic bag 1 Oz sample, looks cool too.

    Thanks OP, you kick ass!
  7. Hahah no problem you guys:)

    I guess ill send another order in cuz I STILL haven't got it yet! Hahaha,
  8. Thanks could always use some samples
  9. Great find! Thanks! Placed my order

  10. I actually picked a bottle of this stuff up from free from my local hydro store the owner was like try it out tell me what you what you think so I did 3 trays of clone 2 of clonex like normally use and one of this stuff and the clonex rooted 2-3 days faster but I was using oasis cubes instead of rockwool like I normally do...I recommend clonex but this stuff does work and if it is free I'll take it save me money on supplies
  11. Finally

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  12. I got mine also 2 days ago!
  13. I already took some Tahoe cuttings:smoke:
  14. Nice so you have used this rooting hormone before? This is the first time I have seen it and the label makes it sound pretty good!
  15. Haha ya this is the only stuff Ive ever used so I can't compare it to others, but it works great for me!

    Hopefully they'll be rooted in 7 days, dunno though cuz I heard Tahoe is hard to root lol
  16. Hmm Cool I have only used clonex so im pretty stoked to use this new kind and see how it compares. Ill let you know what I think of it compared to clonex.
  17. Tahoe og clone rooted in 8 days:)
  18. I never got mineeee, and as I understand they're not giving free clone gel samples? Shux
  19. [quote name='"ImKushed"']I never got mineeee, and as I understand they're not giving free clone gel samples? Shux[/quote]

    Really? That sucks. And I havent checked to see if they still have em. But they emailed me saying mine got returned cuz their machine glitched my address, maybe the Same thing happened to yours?

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