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  1. So me and some homies were downtown chillin and blazing and we all kind of decided to go to the quikstop. So we walk down and a few of thm go inside and buy some skittles n soda and chips. Then my meth fiendish but not really friend was like,"dude let's go ask the cheese steak people for a cheese steak?" everyone was like what?. So I was like aight let's go find out. So me and meth fiendish child (hedoesnt smoke meth he just looks like a meth head) went to the cheese steak place and this guy was chillin at the counter. My friend went up and was like,"could I get a free 7 inch cheese steak with bacon for free?" the guy was like "I don't know ese, ask erica" so my friend asked, " hey erica can I get a free cheesesteak?" and SHE SAID YES. She took the order and made us a ten inch bacon and cheese steak sandwich for free. She gave him a receipt saying he'd had a coupn for 6.78 and it cost 6.78... Best moment ever. And it tasted so good. Like absolute heaven. Can't even explain.

    So share your stories of free munchies or chill restarount employees.
  2. I went into colvers once right aftet they closed. The chick made my shit up and handed it to me and said have a nice day. I was like I still need to pay miss she was like no you dont we dont have the registers here anymore ..You can just have it for free..said that I was cute and gave me her number...she was cute but I lost her number =( shit.... was 50 bucks worth of food for my 7 person family. I pocketed the money and got free munchies. :hello:
  3. me and a few friends went to wendys for munchies. we get our food start eating and i remember the thing on the back of the reciept for a free burger (used to be a frosty) so u gota call a number and complete a survey, i do this pretty much kill my phone battery but i get me 4 digit number bring my receipt up and tell them my number, they dont check it or anything they just give me the free frosty, so i get back to the table tell all my buddys to do the same; just make up a random 4 digit number, and everyone got free frostys.
  4. Me and my friends cut through a baseball field/school to get to his house, and we were all pretty blazed. Apparently the last game had just been played and the snack shack was filled with already made food and stuff that was going to be wasted since the season was over. A lady let us in and have our way with the bascially FULL snack shack, and she made us free chili dogs. She could tell how high we were, and just looked at us with a smile.


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