Free money! Would you turn it down?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Mr.302DE, May 28, 2010.

  1. Okay, so I recently was hired at a very well-to-do insurance company. After about 2 months on the job, they gave me a bonus for doing "a great job". What the hell. I know that others should have gotten a bonus for their work - hell some people did a lot better than me, and so now I feel like I should have turned it down - maybe someone else could have used the bonus more than me.

    What would you do?

    Signed - My conscious.
  2. hey, they gave it to you, its yours. if they gave the bonus to someone else u wouldn't expect them to turn it down.
  3. Are you sure no one else got a bonus as well?
  4. Pretty sure. People around the office know that I got it, and it seems like everyone is pissed.

    It's not like I asked for it, either. ya know?
  5. they mad, disregard them and carry on.

    you did the work your bossed liked it and rewarded you with a little extra, if it was me I would accept it.
  6. nah you obviously got it for a reason...

    keep it....

    you must have did something better than your coworkers so just be happy about it...
  7. If I truly did feel like I didn't deserve the bonus, I would have a hard time accepting it morally. But once I found out my fellow co-workers were getting mad because of said bonus, I wouldn't give two flying fucks if I didn't deserve it. Fuck them haters.
  8. If they gave you the money, it's yours. JUST because YOU didn't think YOU did a great job or OTHERS did a better, doesn't mean the BOSS who is in charge didn't think YOU deserved it, hence him/her giving it to you! Enjoy it! :)
  9. Take whatever comes to you. Don't steal from others, but always be the first to accept something. I say keep it.

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