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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PimpinPete420, Jun 15, 2002.

  1. ok this past week was so much fun for me i just had to share it with ya'll.ok on friday last week i left with my parents and my sis for santa cruz ok we got there went to the boardwalk and other shit well on sunday i was chillin with a couple of my little homies i met down there and we decided to go the liqour store to get some candy on the way we stop at this old run down house and check out the yard to see if there was any shit to build skate ranps with and shit so i looked under a car tire and saw a little baggie so i reach down and pick it up and what was it full of? thats right $$MONEY$$ about 160$ so i didnt tell anybody cause i figured if i told them they'd all want some of the money so i shoved it in my pocket and we left. the next day we went to the beach it was pretty fun but all i could think about was how much bud i was gonna get when i got back home. but now it was down to one half a day till i got home so i woke up in santa cruz and 3 hours later i was home so i went to my dog lets just call him "C Dub" and told him the story. wewere both hella excited so we went over to we'll call him "wesley pipes" house and called our hookup to get some bud we decided to buy 8 grams for 100$ he said he'd be there in 1/2 an hour so mean while one of c dubs friends call him"bong" dropped by and we bought a 10 sack and matched him two bowls in wesley pipes's bong. by then we were all high so then the hook up comes we get our phat sack and "bong leaves. then with the 50$ left we order 2 large pizzas a 2 liter coke and bread sticks then we smoked about 4 bowls and 2 joint till the food came. then we rolled some fat joints one for each and smoked them while eating our pizza it was bomb shit now were blazed out of our minds and can barely walkwe had about 5 grams left and while were channel surfing what comes on tv but cheech and chongs up in smoke so now were pasing around to the bong smoking bowl, after bowl until the movies over and we have to go home and now we only have 1 or 2 grams left. so we spray some cologneput on clear eyes and stumbled our way out the door down the steps and home to lay down and pass out on my bed. i hope you all found my day as entertaining as i did. tell me what you think of my day
  2. That sounds f'ing awesome man, i wish i could get completley blitzd, but my heart pumps like a bastard which gets me worried, which fucks up my high!! .. any tips on how2 prevent that?? but i'm glad u had fun!
  3. OMG you paid $100 dollars for 8 grams????? i pay $25 for 8 grams lol
  4. damn, i pay 20$ for 8-9 grams
  5. damn u guys get bud cheap where do u live?
  6. OMG i want to cry. Here for $160 you can get an ouce of decent kb.
  7. damnit, why can't i ever find the cheap bud. Prob cuz i live outside of Boston, so many fucking stiffs out here.
  8. yeah man its like a lotta times... i think of shit in terms of weed

    ie... fancy ass partys cost bout the same as a quarter of weed....and the way i decide to go to the party of not will be if the "happiness derived" will about the same as the quarter... hahah economice opportunity cost to its best... innit

  9. hay pimpin pete420 hay youevery heard of maine thats wear im at and iget it for $20.00 to if your every in maine give me aholler hay kronosk if your everyin maine you to give me aholler hay bosten ant all stiffes i now acouple of people that iget it for les than $20.00 but up hear only $20.00 forkgb ant bad if younow what kgb is give me aholler som time on hear
  10. Thanks Casper i'll hit u up sometime cause some of my relatives live in maine and im always trying to find decent bud or just some bud at all when im down there so next time im goin down i'll holla at ya.
  11. i live in wa and a gram is 10$ thats fucked up i know
  12. hold on...8 grams for $25!?
    in boston you get ONE gram for that.....
    shit, i need to move...

  13. hold on....i'm not all that high, but i messed's not $25 for one gram....but if you got $25 chances are alls you will get is one gram....
    in boston a gram is $15....sometimes $20...
    but, yeah. you know what i mean.
  14. 25$ for 8grams ur lying brotha i dont buy weed i grow it but if i sell it i can sell an ounce for 400$ 25 for 8 grams no way buddy no need to lie for people to think ur cool.

    Papa Budz

  15. dude whats wrong with those prices? ive gotten an O for 20 before.. and ounces for 100.. you guys just need to move or something.. over 10 a gram is such a fucking ripoff
  16. i think if i found 160 bucks i would nut in my pants and then go out and buy some chronic
  17. Actually, those prices aren't too bad, i usually get 8-9 grams for $30 if it's some good ass commercial, but for KB its usually about $100 for 8 grams. $25 is better but i don't think 30 is to bad either.
  18. tell you what
    here in alaska it is 25 a gram
    and 125 a 1/4

    but in fla it was only 80 an oz for regs
    and 120 an oz for killer

    the bud here is good
    but fuck its expencive
  19. i pay 20 a gram all grade weed. usually dank or high-mids. its pretty rip
  20. your all cofused.. ok let me explain, the OP lives on the west coast i assume.
    he get better dank then the rest of you that are like "OMG! 8gs for 100$, i get that for $20" thats cuz your buying brick weed douche bags hes most likly getting chronic weed thats grow hydroponically or outdoors in the cali sun. i live in cali too i gets purps $10-a gram all day and i can get your brick weed for $45 an ounce all day... so not all weed is the same noobs

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