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Free mmj in Michigan

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by peanutbutter, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Free marijuana for Michigan mmj patients!

    Free marijuana for patients | Michigan Medical Marijuana Association | News and Information for Michigan's medical marijuana patients and caregivers

    I propose that there be a change in procedure in the state of Michigan.
    I propose that any medical marijuana patient that has been issued an ID card, by the state, be able to go to their county courthouse and receive 1 oz of marijuana free of charge.
    That marijuana to be provided from the current stream of marijuana being disposed of by our current legal system. Allowing the lawful marijuana patient to consume the marijuana shall be viewed as a proper method of destruction of the evidence. And that no other method of destruction of this old evidence be conducted as long as one single patient has a need.
    This is my simple proposal.
    Free marijuana for every patient in Michigan.
    For those patients with transportation difficulties, have the county police deliver the marijuana to the patient.
    A patient may reject a package of marijuana for quality purposes. The lack of quality to be determined solely by the patient. If the patient rejects the marijuana it shall be destroyed by normal means and the patient shall be offered marijuana from a different seizure. The rejected marijuana shall never be offered to another patient.
    When used as a starting material for making a chemotherapy for cancer treatment, the patient may receive up to five pounds.

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  2. Pretty good idea actually. And one that is rather feasible.
  3. collect 20 pounds when you pass go
  4. Cool man. What exactly does a patient need to go through to get a marijuana card in MI?
  5. 1. have a covered condition.
    2. get a doctors letter.
    3. file your paperwork with the state. ($100 fee)
  6. not a bad idea, but they woldnt do it bc they cant regulate where and how its grown therefore are not going to "prescribe" a "street" drug...its like them giving out percs and vics to patients after they got em off the street...its just not safe, even tho weed is always fine..

    besides, the govt is a business..they dont do anything for free in the good of the public lol, u crazy?
  7. HAHA now that will never happen.

    Free drugs? i think if people got this for free they would try to sell it and that will hurt everyone.
  8. Theres no such thing as a free lunch. What makes you so important that people should work to pay for your mmj? Pay for your own damn weed instead of throwing the costs onto everyone else.
  9. Won't happen. But as I've said in about 3 other threads, with Michigan as bleek as it's looking, I don't doubt Michigan being one of the first states (if not THE first) to legalize and tax marijuana. Instead, what we did was put in 4 big-shot movie studios to try to bring in revenue.. because we all know how predictable michigan weather is for shooting movies.. but whatever. I'd put money on Michigan being the first or one of the first, atleast, to legalize and tax to bring in revenue with GM eatting shit. That basically WAS our economy.
  10. #10 enorty, Jun 3, 2009
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    I take it Michigan is just like my state, Maine.

    we have MMJ... but no possible way to get it!

    no dispensaries, nothing, rarely any caregivers, people are left to grow themselves some product, but sadly the reality is, alot of these people that need MMJ, simply cannot grow it.

    I think this is an awesome idea, wish it could happen in my state aswell.

    Apparently you dont know this,

    but there are 7 individuals in the United States, who recieve free marijuana; already pre-rolled into joints, from our Federal Government.

    so it IS possible, stop being such a fucking asshole. Dont you realize SOME people fucking NEED medicine, and are POOR.

    Open up your fucking mind

    sorry for all my cursing but this post just put me in a fucking manic state

    go take your 6 shitty posts to a different forum kiddy
  11. How about people grow their own instead? It makes me rather sick to hear a suggestion that implies that Prohibition should stand for recreational use. That's exactly what you are suggesting, because you propose to use confiscated bud for this ill conceived plan.
  12. I never said it wasn't.

    Do these people not have jobs? Health insurance? Or families/charities that they can rely on?

    It's a plant. It doesn't require a whole lot of $ or effort to grow and dry. The problem is populists like you who gave the government rights to restrict property and liberty while trying to get something for nothing. Which led to assholes like prohibitionists being able to use the government to put restrictions on pot, drugs and the market. Which led us to today.

    Marijuana would would be dirt cheap if it wasn't regulated. Anyone with some sun and dirt could grow huge amounts for next to nothing. This is why mmj is so expensive and you need to steal tax dollars to fund it. Its a vicious cycle where you tax and regulate and eventually need to subsidize. Take a stand today and get your government back on a leash.


    Just relax buddy. I'm not your enemy. :smoking:
  13. ^^^ Exactly. If it were legal to grow people could grow their own medicine quite cheaply.

  14. I would fill my entire yard and every room in my house with it then hand it out like candy to my neighbors.. :D

  15. So would I. I'd give it away to as many people as I could were it legal to do so.

    That's a far cry from the OP's suggestion that Big Government confiscate it from people and redistribute it :D

    Charity > Nanny State.
  16. #16 Mr Stoned, Jun 3, 2009
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    Nah, I agree Chiefahol to a degree. The sad fact is people can't state their opinion if it's in any way potraying mmj in a negative light without fear of being -repped off the board. The idea of people 'rejecting' free pot because it's not dank enough makes me fucking angry as hell when I have to work my ass off to pay for my bud. What gives someone the right to sit on their ass and reject FREE marijuana that's obviously gonna be of a good quality. That shit really angers me. The idea of mmj isn't something I feel strongly about. I love weed as much as anyone here, but the idea of medical marijuana isn't something that really bothers me. People still have to pay for it, it's just danker and there are no laws against it. It doesn't bother me, I've never been in trouble for smoking weed and smoke it every day in blatant places. But the idea of someone sitting on their ass getting free pot DELIVERED to them by the same fucking people who put other people in jail cause they haven't got a card really pisses me off. If someones that ill that they can't do anything without being in agony then they need to be on really strong painkillers like morphine. Marijuana is great but it's not a fucking miracle drug. Giving people marijuana for free isn't going to make the difference between their life and death or make their pain so much more bearable that they can perform a mutltitude of tasks they couldn't otherwise perform.

    Oldschoolgrower is one of the wisest members of the board and makes a perfectly good point about people being able to grow their own. That's where the solution lies, relaxing the laws so people can grow their own. Not handing it out like candy to some people and then destroying it if they don't think it's dank enough, and then arresting a non mmj recipient across the road for growing without a license.

    If anyone -reps me for stating my very valid opinion on this matter then I will be reporting them to the admin for misuse of the rep system. Nor will I -rep people for stating other opinions on the argument. It really angers me when people get -repped into the red just for saying something like 'I don't agree with the concept of mmj.' It's an opinion, and coming from a self professed stoner, shouldn't be an offensive one.

  17. Right on brother. :cool:
  18. its a fun idea but really it definitely doesnt fit in the "man's" character. if it was possible to sell it that would be more likely but they arent going to give out pot that they confiscated from "criminals" because if even one ounce that they gave out was laced with anything the patient could EASILY file a lawsuit against the state. while it seems unlikely for that to happen, why risk it for no revenue? especially after they spent all of that money arresting whoever they confiscated it from. the only logical thing would be to legalize and tax. if the state of michigan could use all of chrysler's empty plants as grow rooms, and employ those same people who lost their jobs to take care of the plants, our economy would be in a much better state even by the end of the year!

    i know free pot sounds like a fun idea, but that really wont ever happen, so the next best thing is to grow it yourself. it really isnt tough. my first grow was one plant with 3 regular lightbulbs when i was 14. anyone who can get MMJ can easily get a few seeds a bucket, some dirt and a couple lights.

    stick it to the man - GROW YOUR OWN!
  19. That is to prevent leo from just handing off the worst case of bud rot to a patient. There is nothing obvious about the quality of marijuana that leo would be willing to hand to a patient. Do you think that they would hand over the highest quality available out of the kindness of their hearts?

    Do you think it's a better use of that material to simply burn it?

    You are mistaken. Marijuana keeps people alive.

    I am currently dealing with at least five people that will die because they can't get it.


    Would you suggest I tell them FO and die?

    There are people that have been saved from end stage cancer by treatment with an extract of marijuana. Get it? Cancer gone because of marijuana. These people will die while the cops burn the medicine that could have saved their lives!

    Do you suggest that these people leave the hospital and start growing their own? Tell their cancer to go on hold for a few months until they can get their first crop?
  20. Really cool!

    OK I have a stage four cancer patient in the hospital right now. We need one pound of material, needs to be high grade, to make the medicine to get rid of his cancer.

    Anyone care to donate?

    Brother can you spare a pound?

    The cops have the materials.
    The patient has a life or death need RIGHT NOW.
    The cops will let him die.

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