Free Microsoft Points through Bing

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  1. I happened across this last night, pretty much you just click on the shit they ask you to click on and you build points (rather quickly) which you can trade in for free Microsoft points. Seems pretty sweet so i thought id share it. It gives you extra points for referring people, so if you like, CLICK HERE and you can sign up under my referral code so i can get some points. And if you dont want to refer me, the link underneath my wall of text will get you signed up without a referral. (dont want everyone thinking i only made this to get people to refer me, so feel free not to if you want :cool: just wanted to share this)
  2. good luck man, i've done a few of these. they set it up so you can barley get enughf points, all the while they are earning $$ for every click every user makes.
  3. i have enough to start redeeming already, for every 150 points you earn, you can redeem it for 100 MS points
  4. thats cool, im gonna check it out now. the one i did in the past you had to hit 1600ms points or bust
  5. do i just sign up then click on shit?
  6. Apparently the web page doesn't exist.
  7. lol i just made 70 points in about 5 mins
  8. Yeah the first 70 points are easy to get, but as far as i know the "challenges" you do to get them dont regenerate. You do get 1 point for every 2 searches you do on bing per day, with a max of 10 points a day, and you also get 25 points per person you refer with a max of 5 people. I already have enough to redeem for 100 MS points. Its not really much, but hell, its free and only takes 2 minutes a day to run through the searches
  9. So how do i use the points i earn and what can i buy with them?
  10. Got 100 points already! lol! thanks for the link! you can try checking, coupon granny and They also give out gift cards!

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