Free marc emery!!

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  1. Since he was already in custody, I vaped a bowl of super skunk for him at 4:20 today.
  2. i hope they make a big deal out of this
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    I am an american and this is total bullshit..

    where the f**k do we get off? the union has the best annalogy for this.. say a person is shot in canada from a gun manufactured and shipped from a firearms company in america.. canada does not try and prosecute the CEO of the gun company...
  4. I hope he gets a really low sentence. Like 5 yrs or less.

    I also would like to see him return to Canada - to serve out his sentence there
  5. Why would you hope he gets any sentence at all? this is complete bull shit.
  6. I hope this becomes a really huge deal It might actually help the legalization in both country's
  7. I know a ton of people are protesting in conservative officer and there is a global protest for this on saturday. Im going to write my member of parliment aswell.
  8. nope.
  9. Marc Emery is a warrior, he just never gives up no matter what. He has more balls than a group of 10,000 men.
  10. i'm sure he enjoyed it
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    Because he is going to be sentenced here in the USA. Sooner than later, too.
    You are in denial if you think he's not going to recieve a sentence

    So, like I said, I hope he recieves a short sentence and returns to Canada to do his time there...

  12. yeah word..
  13. does anybody know his trial date? Im from seattle, where he will be held and charged and what not, and me and about 20 people I know would like to show our support in some way. Will it be a public trial? I tried googling it, maybe they just havent set a date yet.
  14. It is bull i mean he is definitely gonna get a sentence they have already gonna far enough where they cant say Ok nvm Your free Marc emery!!!!!!! Yay... No Reality is hes fucked for maybe 5 years. Like can you believe that 5 fucking years wasted for doing nothing like instead he could be raising millions of dollars to help a good cause I wonder how much he will change.
  15. To CaptainFalcon, I'm not sure exactly when the trial is but the best thing for right now you could do is to come to the rally tomorrow (Saturday the 22nd) in Seattle to show support, we've got quite a few people expected to come and the more the better. We'll also have tons of people there collecting signatures for I-1068 to legalize cannabis in our state.

    The rally is from 2-4PM at the Henry M.Jackson Federal Building Plaza at 2nd and Marion in downtown Seattle.
  16. Awesome man! I'll attempt to round up the troops! Kind of short notice but I'm sure I can get a decent amount from up in the lynnwood everett area. For the I-1068 petition, I assume you have to be a registered voter? I never did get around to that in 08
  17. Great! You do have to be a registered voter to sign, but all of us collecting signatures and who are with I-1068 should have voter-registration cards to so that you can sign the petition and register at around the same time.

    You don't have to be registered or even 18 to collect signatures though if you or your friends wanted any blank petitions.
  18. There used to be a list of 75 things you can do to help free Marc Emery, unfortunatley, it looks as though it has been taken down for legal reasons, so all we have is this for now...

    Things You Can Do To Free Marc Emery | Cannabis Culture Magazine

    I will tell you one of the 75 that was taken down though, just because I think it is funny. You can write 'Free Mark Emery' on currency. Yes, it is illegal, but it is a great way to anonymously "stick it to the man"
  19. Nice, Ill just register when I go down there, I was kicking myself for not voting in 08, I turned 18 3 months before the election and kept putting it off, so this is perfect!

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