Free Marc Emery rally in Greenville, SC

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  1. I'm from Columbia, SC and thinking about going to this but I'm not sure if I'll be able to or not. I was just wondering if anyone else was going to this?:smoking:
  2. Pleading guilty?

    What did he face?

    Hes at the top of his game. I'm sure he knew his acts would get him confronted by the cops.
    Mark Emery is a crazy activist going all the way to pleading guilty for his beliefs. One of the best.
  3. Yes, for a lesser sentence. It's an American scare tactic. He was facing extradition and Canada was going to except it.

    While doing this, it appears as though he could get out in a few months and spend the remainder of his sentence on probation. If he had fought it and dragged it out, they said that Mark would never seen his wife as a free man again. :O

    And yeah, he's been in jail many times just for this cause. By him doing this, it's going to get worldwide attention.

    Make sure you go to his website and sign the leader to Judge Wu's office, urging him to reduce his sentence.
  4. Website please Stoned?
  5. yeah i will be going to the rally but it will be in london, i dont know if he will be there but i think he will cause im pretty sure hes a local. he owned a used bookstore downtown and i mentioned him to my dad and he said hes his buddies uncle or something like that.
  6. me and my friends are going in toronto

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