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    Step 1. Go to Best Buy, here is their store locator: Best Buy Store Locations - Store Locator

    Step 2. Select any desired merchandise.

    Step 3. Walk away.

    Step 4. Profit.

    Just dont get caught by the police. dont worry about the person standing at the door checking your receipt either, they wont do anything, and if they do, they will be fired.

    Just kidding though, you shouldnt steal stuff, but if you must, hit up best buy, not someone's home!
    But seriously, this is a JOKE... DO NOT STEAL ANYTHING, THIEVES SUCK!

    Look at this story about Roger Kline. He was 51 and worked in the computer department at Best Buy. He witnessed someone stealing two laptops, and as they ran out the front door they tripped. He then tackled them and was going to restrain them until police arrived, but the manager came over and ordered him to let the criminal go. It is against store policy to interfere with a crime. Kline was fired for stopping the shoplifter.

    DO NOT SHOP AT BEST BUY, not only do they scam the hell out of you with bad prices, they treat their employees like shit. Shop at newegg or somewhere else.
  2. WOW. im pickin up my free laptops today!:cool:
  3. lol if they cant stop you why not ;)

    That is so shitty they fired him for all this.
  4. It's the same at any retail place - not because the company sucks (not that best buy doesn't), but because the US law system is fucked and the criminal can sue the guy that tackled him.

    I've worked in a lot of retail places and they all have that policy.

  5. Yea, i totally agree... It's kinda sad that corporations will take liability so seriously and are so intimidated by lawsuits that, even in an instance like this when no harm was done, they will still rule with an iron fist by the code of the company policy and fire him.

    What ever happened to common sense?

    Sure, they are looking out for the best interests of the share holders, and it is probably cheaper to let a few laptops walk out the door than to pay for an injured employee's medical bills if he got stabbed or something... but NOTHING bad happened here. The employee acted on his own free will and stopped the shoplifter.

    I guess that's what good morals and a bit of courage gets you these days... fired. I bet half of their employees were too busy texting to even notice someone was shoplifting.
  6. Op im just going to point out you broke 2 rules here, discussion of theft, and posting the info of a private message onto the open forum

    I suspect ill either be closing/deleting this soon. But just a reminder, maybe you should go read the rules before you end up banning yourself by trying to make a funny thread (i know this was intended more for comedy, hence the original post wasnt infracted already)
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    Good points, these retailer policies are definitely a product of our legal system. But still, no harm, no foul... right? Nobody got hurt in this instance! They should have used some common sense and given him a warning or something.

    And lets be honest, the guy who jacks laptops from best buy probably doesnt have a lawyer that is going to take on best buy for medical bills because if he were to be while committing a crime.


    Well damn, i thought this was a great thread, but i guess its failing. Sorry Sirsog, i think i have amended my mistakes now though... This thread is NOT promoting shoplifting, i guess my satire wasnt so clear, but i think it is now.
  8. he used a joke to help us discuss theft, he isnt stealing anything and tells us not to steal.

    and that pm is rediculous,

    sirsog you have rules to uphold. but id say this guy is just stating how absolutely rediculous company policies are now.

    so lets not ban him for this maybe just a warning and suuuch

  9. I wasnt saying im going to lol i was recommending making sure he doesnt break anymore rules so that doesnt happen. It was a warning as i saw it lol

  10. cool.

    man this bho is killing my brain.
  11. Haha "Infractions". It'd be nice if the internet didn't take itself so seriously sometimes
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    Yeah that place is called 4chan.
  13. A couple hundred ... meh, couple THOUSAND dollar laptop is cheaper than a medical bill for a stab wound. No telling what's in his pockets.

    Easier to say "don't ever tackle" then "tackle if you know the guy is unarmed" ... plus you never really know.
  14. Yep do not ever stop a thieve stealing at a store..You can get shot or beat up or arrested.

    Fun to do once as a little kid everyone has at least stole once in there life...Trust me we steal practically everyday (think about)
  15. How is this treating employees like shit? Who's merchandise is it? the owner/s of best buy. Who suffers when thieves steal stuff at best buy? The owners of best buy. What is best buy doing to these employees by forcing them not to do anything when they see thieves? Giving them less responsibilities and essentially less work.

  16. I murder billions of potential children every time I masterbate. Im a bigger mass murdered then hitler
  17. The policy they have is actually smart in a professional business sense.....they just leave it to the law enforcement to avoid any lawsuits from dealing with shit themselves.

    Tackling a robber down could be considered assault if you apply whats considered 'too much force"

    so that really isnt treating employees like shit......they should know the policy

  18. Not to mention im sure insurance covers stolen items for retail lol, they dont really give a fuck in the end of the game
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    That but mostly because they dont want their employee harmed or killed. Most places have the policy to never confront a robber and to comply with them.

    Companies actually care for their employees? Crazy, ain't it? No not really. Just imagine their insurance rates after that...

  20. We deal with criminals before we arrest them, the US makes no sense lol. My favorite is the guy hired to converse with hostage takers, and ask them what their demands are... its like " oh hey, so what did you want? before that sniper puts a 1 cm hole in the front of your skull and dislodges your brain and rear skull from your head"

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