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Discussion in 'General' started by Predator1, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Today, as I was leaving work on the way to my car, I looked out in the parking lot and saw a small white plastic case-looking thing on the ground, a little bigger than a cigarette pack. I walked over and picked it up, and holy shit!

    A brand new, unopened, 8 gig iPod Nano. Like, the brand new ones that just came out.
    Except the one I found is black.

    Now, I was kind of torn when i found it- I work at a Target, so if I had walked into the store and asked Customer Service if anyone had reported one missing, they probably would have taken it since it was unopened, suspecting it to be stolen. I hung around the parking lot for about a half hour, asking folks who walked by if they had lost one, no luck. I checked in with my buddy at the front desk of Target (who i know wouldnt tell a manager or anything), and he told me no one had said anything about one.

    So as far as I'm concerned, this baby is mine. Brand new, 8 gig capacity, color with pictures AND video. Damn. Just took a midnight walk listening to it, and its great. I haven't had an MP3 player at all in ages.
  2. I found a gameboy with Pokemon Blue in it in my latter days. It was perfect, I had two gameboys and both games because of it. My goal of being the greatest pokemon trainer finally came true and I caught all 150 pokemans. It was a truely epic day. Or waste of 4 months.
  3. Man that kicks ass! My ipod is like 4 years old, I would be so fucking happy to find a new one.
  4. I just realized, I am in the presence of a possible /b/tard.
  5. Mine broke two weeks after the 2 year warranty died out. It's as if the Karma gods knew :p

  6. Free Ipod is dont say

    Lucky break though.
  7. i think thats a 4chan little brother showed me that, and i saw nothing funny at all...just a bunch of 12 years bickering, anime, and crappy pictures...and alot of penis..

    anyway good deal man...good deal, hopefully no one comes in today asking about it...
  8. yeah you honestly went above 'n beyond waiting

    I doubt I'd bother saying fuck it someones brain fart is my gain

    esp. since my pos insignia bluetooth player just fucking lost it's god damn > button function over the weekend

    damn thing just clunked out and as insig owners know the > functions as just about every god damn menu's ok so I'm fucked till I open 'er up 'n repair it
  9. Actually, it may be a way easier fix than you think. My last iPod stopped working on me altogether. I took it apart myself, and turns out it was FILLED with pocket lint. If you carry it around in your pocket a lot, that might be your problem.
  10. the cover flow feature is probably the best part of those new ipods. I don't really like the new design all that much because of the choad-like nature, but the fact that it plays video is pretty damn sweet.
  11. lol naw no lint issue I know exactly whats up with my insig

    basically since the device uses > (forward/ffw) as a menu device the tiny bit of conductive shit they spray on the cups that create the 'click' has worn to shit

    I'm a geek to the core and have had many annoying repairs in this department which are simple as fuck

    take the annoyingly small screws out pop the cover 'n avoid moving the 2 ICBs (fucked up a shuffle after getting cocky lol) and slap down a conductive paint (or a good rub of lead off a pencil) or even a bit of copper wire hot glued in place to create a less than spiffy click that will actually register the tiny electrical spark the silly fucker needs to let me set up my own playlists :D
  12. Thats sick dude, just a few weeks ago I found a 2nd gen nano on the ground, perfect condition.

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