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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by whoandi, Apr 7, 2001.

  1. Hi everyone
    I need url's for places to host my pics
    I am curently useing but they are changeing there site so it will no longer be FREE so i need to change i guess but i dont know anyother sites
    so if you know one PLEASE post the URL
  2. Just get a crapo angelfire webpage for free and you use that 50 megs to store your images you want to post. Then you use this BB's picpost feature as normal. :) PLUR!
  3. high

    Oh SHIT!! I got a ton of pics at photo point..Well any how, You have a few choices with pic hosting.. Yahoo briefcase Webshots
    If you use the 50 megs hosting, they can shut you down at any time..It states in there rules..Not for storage of pics..I've been through all of this, an now photo point wants to charge us..This SUCKS!!!

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  4. High Whoandi

    Can you tell me where you heard about photo point chargeing?? I just went there an I couldn't find any info on what you said..It will really scew me up if this is true..Please let me know..Thank you!

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  5. Hi panhead
    I got anemail yesterday after i uploaded a pic stateing they would be changeing there service

    here is the email i got from them
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  6. send me the picts and ill put them up for ya.

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