Free headset!

Discussion in 'General' started by DDV, May 16, 2011.

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    $0 + $0 shipping

    It's legit! :D I've used the site before a couple times

    Hurry blades, there's only like 3 hours left! :smoke:
  2. Just did it, thanks, hope it's real!
  3. Ordered one, thanks! :cool:
  4. This just adds to my impulsive nature.
  5. just got one, awesome
  6. guess im too late
  7. I thought it was a pair of headphones so I ordered one. Oh well, I'll find some use for this.
  8. Thanks dude

  9. Same here :(
  10. got one wonder how long it will take
  11. Theres no way id walk around with one of them things in my if i worked a job where i wore a suit.lmao.
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    But why?

    EDIT: What the hell, i just ordered one. But I am wary of free things. Good thing i used a fake name! Muahahahaha
  13. good xbox headset
  14. Free headphones?

    You're a saint.. I really needed some, I always lose/break my headphones. I hope these hold up well.

    I just ordered mine :D

  15. Headset... I know, I'm disappointed too.
  16. How is this real?

    Nothings ever free..

  17. Does it work for an xbox? i fucked mine up and ordered one just in case they do.
  18. No, things are free sometimes.

    I'm assuming they get advertisement out of it, the site and/or headset maker.
  19. Thanks for the heads up.
  20. It didnt even ask me for my credit card??? lol. it feels like its fake

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