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    This thread was also posted in another form - the reason being was some details were left out of the first post as to not offend some users, this is the unedited, pandora box edition

    Tonight my buddy called me up and offered me a free half ounce if I did him a favor. It was me, these two kids I was friends with, but it was a random trio, like we don't often hang out.

    I was at my girlfriends house and I had to do shit right then, I made her be late by half an hour, I didn't let her come, I picked her back up at her house. I drove her to and from a party so she didn't drive drunk, I'd rather stay home all night and wait to pick her up, than let her drive drunk.

    All in all, after taking care of a little business, I was given 14grams, just as promise, and a game cigar.

    The day finally came when I got my Klonopin's script refil, my insurance wouldn't refil it untill the 7th, and I couldn't buy out of pocket, on the bright side, I did call my doctors office, and told the nurse my pills got stolen. She wrote a script for me and another Dr in the building, not my building signed off, so even though I had to wait till Saturday to get the pills (if I sent the script to a different pharmacy I would've been straight for ever, but forgot) I only had a little. I originally had one month left on script on, now I got 2 months, and I can swithc back and forgot, so 3 months. They are only the .5mg and I've taken like 7 so far.

    I also got a 40 of dope and shot that about an hour-1/2 ago, and I feel pretty fucking good

    So anyway, I'm going to sit back, relax, take some pins, get jammed, get high.
    *** Pics coming soon
    **Sorry I don't have a macro funtion on my camera, atleast I think, I can't take super good pictures, the bud is much better than it look
    ****If you don't agree with what I do, want to give me help advice, or tell me that I'm stupid, it can kill me, you shouldn't do heroin - please do not post in this thread - thank you.

    Peace out
  2. You're stupid...heroin can kill you, you shouldn't do heroin. /sarcasm
  3. For 14 grams, your fucking retarded
  4. I dont understand what you did for the 14 grams?
  5. yes what was this favor you had performed?
  6. Was it a reach-around?
  7. are you fucking kidding me? -rep
  8. he didn't say, just that he did a favor for a half. he obviously doesn't want to go into detail.
  9. What did you have to do for the half ounce? of weed, right? heh iono, could be anything:cool:. hope you have a good 1 jammy! be safe brotha
  10. Yeah, you've gotta elaborate on this favor thing...

    Have fun, stay safe.
  11. hey jamtastic good to see you takin care of your lady still! hope you both stay safe.
  12. wooo, bet your feeling reall good.

    Free drugs are always great!
  13. Please Please Please tell me that was sarcasm goin towards all the idiots who say shit like that.
  14. That was soo confusing, what exactly did you do to get the free 1/2 O :confused:

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