Free Gram in Downtown LA

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  1. I went to this clinic with this coupon code my friend gave me. They gave me a free gram of purple kush.
    The place is kinda hard to find and the parking sucks but the gram was worth it. If anybody is in Southern cali you got to stop by this place.
    The name of the clinic is Olive something and the address is 643 S.
    Olive St 4th floor #415 LA 90014.
    Their number is 2139097315.
    And the code to get the gram is INTGRAM.
  2. But you need to be a current medical card holder, I would assume. Right?
  3. I assume you are high, so I will not flame you, but yes, you would need to be a medical marijuana card owner.

  4. Why would you flame him for asking a question?

    Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.

    Damn a free gram of some purple.
    Enjoy man.
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    Uh, because if one were to go to a dispensary such as the one in the OP to acquire any amount of marijuana, they would obviously still be required to have a card, as the law hasn't changed on that... This post reflects nothing more than a dispensary offering a promotional service to its customers -- but it's still a medical marijuana dispensary, and all regulations regarding medical marijuana still apply.

    Why is it that people are so quick to tolerate and even defend stupidity as they simultaneously flame a reasonably intelligent person simply for expecting people not to be absolute retards? Even though calikevin87 assumed correctly; asking if you still need a MMJ card for this offer is a ridiculous question, end of story. Can someone at least point that out without getting flamed to hell and back? People shouldn't ever be scolded for their intelligence or possession of some sense, but too often they are.
  6. Sweet, free weed in LA.
    A few weeks they where giving free money away in NY.

    I should move to the states :D
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    Sure you can, if it really was a stupid question. But this thread wasn't posted in the Medical Marijuana section, and the OP was not very informative regarding this offer. Just because I wanted an important detail to be pointed out does not mean I asked a ridiculous question. You flame, you get flamed, it's a simple concept really.

    I was mainly checking the legality of the offer for anyone who might've been interested, making sure it's not some back-alley meet.
  8. Dude don't fret your in the clear..You were asking a legit question.

    The kid and his little defender are just asses.

    Lets move on with the thread...Question has been answered.

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