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Free food for the world...again.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by WeedCrawler, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. I am starting this thread least i hope i am...because it seems to have disappeared from the Spirituality and Philosophy section of this board.

    Mebbie this is a more appropriate place, *shrug*..I dunno.

    I think the last comments made were refering to how the underpriveleged, uneducated third world countries were being selfish and immoral by continuing to procreate.

    I responded to that saying that i didn't think these people were selfish or immoral...just uneducated and unwilling to give up the one thing that is free and feels good.

    I wasn't able to read the resonse to that, because the thread vanished.
  2. Shit I wish I remembered the last thing I wrote in there, I know it was said towards you WC..... hmmmmmm..... wait maybe that was the US Foreign policy thread that seems to have disappeared too.

    Well you told me to calm down b/c I was getting all wound up.

    Then I said you shouldn't tell me to calm down b/c you weren't even discussing that subtopic as of yet.

    Then you said we have free speech and you could say whatever you wanted(or something to that effect).

    Then I said, yes we do have free speech but I never told you you "couldn't" tell me to calm down, but that you "shouldn't" have told me to do so b/c it was uncalled for. Then I said I'm allowed to get wound up if I want to, no?

    But since we're back to the education/selfishness issue:

    How could you say that they are not selfish if they know that satisfying their sexual urges by having sex will result in kids they can't support? They are selfish, uneducated, and poor, and that is that.
  3. LOL..that sounds about far as i can remember.

    *for some odd reason, my short term memory is lacking..hmmmmmmm. LOL*

    I guess the whole point was that some cultures have completely different views about where kids come from. (you would be amazed)

    Which led me to the statement that learning a culture and their beliefs is most beneficial before trying to help them. This way you could help them based on the way they believe instead of pushing somthing else on them they may not even want.

    In that respect, i was saying that selfishness etc etc probably doesn't even enter into their minds. Who knows, in their cultures maybe they see it as sinnful NOT to reproduce...despite what we think. You never know, and until one tries to understand their point of view...then the help offered will probly only be marginally successful.
  4. if selfishness doesn't even enter their mind that means they are even more selfish, and they have no conscience. But I don't think that's so.

    You are right about us not knowing exactly what their thoughts and beliefs are, but I'm pretty sure we, as human beings, have evolved to the point where we all know that sex = children. I mean these people communicate with each other, it's not like they just sit around and hang out with flies all day.
  5. I don't think that the most remote places have computers, or phones, or tv's, or even radios. They can't afford them.

    I would Hope that we, as human beings, have evolved and communicated enough to know this. It's hard for me to imagine too.

    I'm trying to think of an example that would show this, and they are out there, but at the moment I'm in the middle of chaos. My bf is talking to me, Maggie is on the phone bitching at Verizon for overcharging her, and i have a cat trying to sharpen it's claws on my

    I'll bbl.

  6. This is a test, cause for some stupid reason I can't see any posts after this one.
  7. The only post after that one is yours. Let me explain what has been brought up a few times in this thread. When a person deletes one of their threads, the thread along with all posts within it disappear. When a person is banned, their threads and posts will usually disappear, as well. So, nothing vanished without a reason.

    I'll also be moving this to the other forum mentioned where it belongs now .

    *edit* My point is that the threads didn't disappear due to any reason other than those mentioned.
  8. OMG..i am so

  9. I'm not sure what could possibly be confusing but I'll try again.

    The thread in question didn't just vanish and it's disappearance had nothing to do with it's location, so there was no issue of whether or not it was located in an appropriate place.

    The thread was automatically deleted when the thread starter was banned.

    Example: You started this thread. If you were to get banned, this thread and all of your posts would be gone. Every post in this thread would be gone since the thread would no longer exist.

    I hope you're not still confused.
  10. it. Although my listing says im a *senior memeber* i'm still fairly new. So, i don't really know the in's and out's enough yet to know what's going on.

    But the main confusion came from something else..I have it set up so when someone replies to a thread i started or subscribed to, i get notified through my email...very convenient.

    Well....the last time i checked my mail, there were two for the *free food for the world* took me to the spiritualality and philosophy and one to Pandora's box...i got confused because i thought the one from the Spirituality bored was deleted, yet there i

    I went to Pandora's box and there it was again...exact same thing was posted. That's what got me confuzzled. *smile*

    Not overmuch though....

    Thanks for taking the time to splain it to me lucy..*smile*..*from I love Lucy*
  11. The thread may have been moved from on forum to another... Thats most likely the reason you got one in pandoras box and one in philosophy!
  12. It would have probably made more sense at the time if i had been stoned..LOL Go figure
  13. Its in the title.

    Simple as that.

    Capitalism & the rich people sux.

    We (as a people) should take control ov the world again and make sure everybody can eat.
  14. IF it was that simple, it would have been done already.

  15. You know when you are searching a specific forum and it tells you who posted in it last? Well it said 2 different people posted in this exact thread after the one I quoted. So unless they both deleted their posts and/or got banned .... I'm confused but it doesn't matter that much.
  16. So I guess none of y'all understand why people in poorer countries have so many children. I learned this at one point, and this friend I have from Sudan confirmed it for me (he has a huge family). When the people are poorer, have more children so that when they grow old and unable to support themselves in any way, they have many kids (then adults) who can help support them and get them food. Food is still an issue there, but if they had one or two kids, then supporting the parent would be much more difficult than if they had 5 or 6. Really, they're just making things worse and worse for their offspring, but it's a belief that has lasted for literally hundreds of years.
  17. My bf also brought up a valid point....about this subject of continuous propogation....The more children you have, the more chance there is that at least One will survive past a certain age, diseases, famine, etc etc etc...
  18. My grand parents had 10 kids..

    My granddads brother had 16..

    The reason for this was to have kids to help farm. Back then in these parts you eat what you grew and didn't buy much at all!

    Now days people don't depend on farming to survive.. Every one goes to the store and buys everything they need..

    I still farm and eat alot of what we eat growing our own.. I have two boys that work theior buts off in the summer to help me grow veggies and stuff...

    I believe that in the future, people are going to have to start raising what they eat again.. Bad thing is, the farm land is being taking up by housing and corporations so fast that there won't be enough room for alot of people to grow their own!

    Only the people who take farming seriously will survive!
  19. Interesting fact: America's population would actually be decreasing right now if it wasn't for immigration.

  20. I hadn't thought about that..

    I belive that to be true!!!!!

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