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    Does anyone know a free standalone desktop sandbox environment I can use? The one's I"ve been finding are all internet sandboxs designed for safe browsing.


    Just released was Comodo Internet Security suite, and it has a pretty good Sandbox, has a lot of advanced features I have to go over, but I'm liking it so far, and it's better than spyware terminator as far as regulating processes.
  2. Sandboxie it cost a little but its worth it. You can run a virus or a unknown file in it and get a real feel on what it is doing.
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    Yea, so far that's all I found was Sandboxie.

    I downloaded Comodo Internet Security, and it has a sandbox environment, and is much better than spyware terminator in terms of real time protection. The sandbox in comodo isn't great, and needs some work, but it gets the job done, and works pretty well.

    I wrote a simple batch file to close a program and couldn't get it to work, because it kept getting sandboxed into an environment where that program wasn't running. I took it out of the sandbox and whitelisted it, and it worked fine.

    You're new here, and some rep from me will help, but I'm not giving you +REP for the help, it's because of your avatar. I used to straight pwn people at YuGiOh and would take down huge tournaments. I believe your avatar comes from the Pot of Greed, lets you draw 2, a must have in every deck, but it's limited and you can only have 1
  4. Thanks for +rep! Yea I just want to put into the mmj community what I take out and I have some computer background. Not to mention if im proud of myself I can't show anyone, people don't understand how much stress and work it is.

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