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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by flapflip, Aug 14, 2011.

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    I can make almost any sig you want in about 5-10mins (15-20 if really complicated)

    A+rep is cool if ya like it =)

    420th post gets an amazing, detailed, custom work of art sig with whatever you want. Ill take my time like im making my own
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    I've recently been using Photoshop CS5, wasn't going to pay for that shit though. I've been getting really good at sig's, just takes a couple times of practice.
  3. Nobody? =p
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    I'll have one :D

    Theme of like yoshi/mario galaxy somehow incorporating weed.

    Shoved anymore weed in your ass btw? :p
  5. Make one with Curren$y and Notorious B.I.G both in it, saying Amped :smoke:

    If I like it better than my current one i'll use it. If not then sorry :smoke: haha
  6. I don't want one but I know making sigs for rep works very well, there's a member on here that started making sigs for rep when he had none, and now he's got tons of rep.:confused_2:

  7. Not gonna lie, I love your current sig
  8. I'll take one! can you make it a lord of the rings themed one? like with gandalf and bilbo smoking pipe weed? and add my name to it. Thanks brah
  9. Oh, the current one wasn't made by me but yea I love it too. Made by "apopcan" pretty sure he'll make you one if you ask. His are amazing.

  10. Link doesn't work and gooseman made mine, everytime I look at it I laugh I gotta prevent myself from looking at my own sig

  11. Made by apopcan.
  12. Pew =p sorry if its messed up, I might have to redo it. GCs upload is annoying

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  13. If you could make me a sig with a joint getting lit by a lighter (similar to my avatar) and then the words "Keep It Lit"

    That'd be awesome man. :smoke:
  14. Letsgogreen, tell me if its too big.

    Pew, imma redo yours

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  15. Could make me a sig with the Providence skyline this is probably the best picture

    Providence Skyline 3,

    Could you preferably crop out the canal, and have my name somewhere?
  16. Keep It Lit

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  17. If you make one with a basset hound...just let me know :cool:
  18. Id be hell cool if you could make me one with some nugs in the background and it says 420 with a peace sign as a the 0. and my name written in rasta colors at the bottom. thanks man id really appreciate this
  19. Loweyes

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    Some Sour D :cool:

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