Free Clinics And Pot Use?

Discussion in 'General' started by contraband, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. I just graduated college (no more health insurance) and for reasons I'll keep to myself, I'll be visiting a free clinic tomorrow.

    Can I be denied care if I admit to using pot?
  2. Okay, now this may sound stupid, but the free clinic is the STD place/Doctor center type deal?

    For free.....:D

    Well, if it is, then no. I went with my friend and she was very VERY honest about her drug usage/alcohol usage.
  3. I don't know, if it is anything like the Pain Management center here (cheap Doctor visits who write you scripts for pain meds) they drug test regularly.
  4. you have doctor patient cofidentiality (sp) and they can not refuse to treat you. Now, they may NOT ever prescribe a controlled substance to you ever again, as they will note it, and it will be in your records, and some docs will be very scetchy prescribing pain killers xanax etc to people who have a "history of substance abuse" which is what they charecterize anyone who does any drug, responsible use or not. if that gets marked, then you may face higher insurance premiums as well. but you can not get in any legal trouble from telling your doc.
  5. if you're going there because of an addiction of any kind, then yeah go ahead and tell them. other than that, i wouldn't say anything unless the topic just kinda comes up...
  6. Aids aids aids
  7. Wow, eff all of that. I'm going to keep my mouth shut. :confused:

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