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    So I owe someone on etsy money but they only accept alert pay. I have paypal and would be looking for someone to send alertpay payment and I'll send you paypal funds in return.

    For doing this, I will have someone make you a chillum on me :)


    1) Must have joined before 420
    2) Must have at least 50 posts
    3) I reserve the right to choose who I would like to pick
    4) Entries will not be taken after 12:00am, April 24, 2010 Eastern Standard Time
    5) Must live in the USA. I am not against countries or anything...I'm from Canada. It's just that shipping for the chillum must be affordable for me and Alertpay US to US is just easier...

    To enter, just say why you want a chillum and choose up to two colors. I'm not sure if it'll be one or two colors but choose two and I'll see what I can do!

  2. I'm pretty sure I've got alertpay, how much $??
  3. I need a transfer of $130 US.
  4. I was in your situation, but I just created an alertpay account, is there a reason this is not an option for you?
  5. glassbysaint??
  6. I just couldn't pay him for some reason. I would always get an error and we figured that it might be because I'm using a Canadian account and he is using an American. Probably not the reason because that would be the must stupid system I've ever heard of if that was the case...and plus...alertypay is Canadian...

    I would pay paypal but a lot of artists on etsy have had their accounts frozen for selling their products using paypal which is against their rules.

    I have to pay for this:

    I might just have Seth make the chillum since he does good work and I owe him money anyway. So what we could do is have the winner pay the price including the cost of the chillum and I'll pay you the total back in Paypal.
  7. Lol sweet horse piece EMP
  8. So no free chillum then??
  9. eh? What do you mean?
  10. haha thanks. These were all made for my friends for 420. But shipping took a bit longer and I don't have them yet. Hopefully by Monday.

  11. I misread you, I'll be happy to help you but I'm going to need your paypal funds first, hit me up with a pm and I'll give you my paypal email, peace.
  12. sweet. Good to know that you'd be able to help. But to be fair, I did say that I will pick the winner tonight at 12 midnight. Or pick tomorrow morning or something when I wake up but no one can enter past midnight.

    It'll probably be a random pick out of a hat :)
  13. Hahaha skeeetch. You sure you're from Canada and not, say, Nigeria?
  14. Nigerians go for more than your $ They want your whole bank account in exchange for millions of dollars!!! woooo

    Also, I donate to this site...I'm not out to take anyone's money. I just need to pay this guy for his work.
  15. My color choice would be black btw, peace.

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