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Free buds

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by grim20, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. well i wake up this morning and bake my room out with a decent sized clip from last night... then when my friend calls me to tell me yo lets get up i got bud already...i quickly get dressed and meet up... he had about 5 grams that mysterious came from a unlocked car in a parking lot...ahh i love weed wen its free time for another free blunt tootles
  2. wait he stole bud?
    bad karma.
  3. Kindda fucked up, but free weed? lol
  4. well shit, if a dude leaves his sack sitting in plain view (assuming he didn't dig in there for shit) in his unlocked car then what do you expect? But still not cool.
  5. Dude, thats really cool. Enjoy it while it lasts, some douche stole 5 grams from my car last night. Guess its my fault for leaving it unlocked.

    Guys, I cant shake the feeling im missing something here :confused::confused: help me out.
  6. Sweet man. My friend stole 5g of bud from this dude's red Subaru STi that was unlocked. Funny thing is he left it in his unlocked car too, ahahah.
  7. I am an unlocked red Subaru STi.
  8. Sold a 20 to these 2 kids who wanted to buy a 50, happily smoked away the profit as soon as they were gone :D
  9. this just became a rip off thread
  10. #10 grim20, Nov 30, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 30, 2009
    yeah but you blades don't know the details behind it.. the reason they knew the car had bud was because he was my buddies dealer who he was a good client with him and earlier this summer had ripped him off and sold my boy some shake and steams. but today he had like 5 grams of dank shit chillin in his whip

    edited- sorry stoned
  11. What? lol, sold him some shake and stems?
  12. I agree, bad Karma...but, I probably still would have smoked it too :p

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