Free bud kicks ass when you're dry!!!

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by TooSicKs, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. Hell yeah, my neighbor just came over and brought me these 2 little danky nugs, damn i'm so glad cool people are everywhere in town!

    They're danky, sticky, and smell like chocolate.


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  2. Here's the other bud. I just clipped a nug off this one and loaded a bowl, gonna find out how tasy it is , hold on,,,

    Clean Screen-Check
    Fresh Water-Check
    Bowl Packed-Check

    All systems are GO



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  3. nice :D..think i wanna roll it up ,light it up , smoke it up right now dude..

    Dammit... i want those neighbours :)
  4. yeah free weed is the shit when your dry. One of the folks i buy my weed from is so cool to me that whenever i call him up for some dank and he dosent have any he will kick me down some from his personal stash completly free to hold me over for a day or 2 until he re-ups. Alot of times when i buy from him he smokes me out, i allways tell him its coo we can smoke outta the shit i just bought but he refuses.

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