Free bong? sweet ! (pics)

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    Whatsup blades, my friend had given up on this bong because he never used it and he was just going to smash it in one of his music videos...fucking stupid I know hahaha, so I asked him if I could have it if I smoked him up and he agreed:smoke:

    Check it out, it was a double perc but the bottom perc is broken...I also took out the first perc because it was just getting in the way and badly built so that it would be a bitch to clean. I broke it off clean with a screw driver. (it was hard gettin past the ice catcher)

    For a free peice I love it.

    also a picture of my new chillum (5$) :smoke:

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  2. For free why the fuck not lol
  3. chill if it was free you can't complain great find man
  4. ill take 5! haha
  5. Yeah it says High Impact on it, haven't heard of any other glass from them.
  6. i looked it up and i think it's china glass that why you haven't heard anything about it there dosent even seem to be a specific company that makes them the label was probably just slapped on
  7. eh hey, it's pretty thick so i'm not complaining !
  8. China glass, but who gives a fuck if it's free
  9. It's still pretty thick, I could care less if it's china or not hahah.
    Some of the brand name bongs look simple as fuck but just because they say RooR on them they cost like 250$+? Fuck that, to me that doesn't sound very smart.

  10. Some high end glass is worth it. I do agree that some bongs are priced ridiculously. But with most china glass, if you look at it hard enough, it'll break.

  11. Off topic but who is that retarded black guy in your sig putting on the ”I don't give a fuck, and I make sure you think that by pretending to not know this picture was being taken” face on?
  12. Hmm so you don't even know he is but he's "retarded"?

    From reading this post and some of your others, you are sucha negative person.

    Man it would suck to know you in real life.
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    Negative? no, just above most.

    you would be fucking lucky to know me.

  14. Well seeing as it says "Cudi" on it, I'm assuming it's Kid Cudi.
  15. [​IMG]

  16. 4,200 + post's, do you even know anyone outside of the internetz? :smoke:
  17. Whoever he does know must be pretty "fucking" lucky :wave:
  18. Use it as a party piece. It was free, so you can just toss it in a backpack and not worry about it.
  19. HxCurt, mastatroll.

    That's a pretty sweet bong for free, I'd take it alright. I agree with above too, it's a good party piece.

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