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FREE Bong! Help me Fix it -Pictures-

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by fAKdded, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Hey Everyone, Well as you may have heard me say lately I broke my piece, and have just been buying weed instead of a new Pipe. Well, I was ending the night at a friends house smoking, and he had an extra bong, a friend had left it at a friends house, who didn't want it there, so basicly, It's a deserted bong and Im taking it under my wing. :D

    But, the down stem is broke. Chipped on the underside, broken up top. It still works, But I'd like to get a new one. I don't understand how to replace one really? They seem really delicate and I couldn't see anywhere where it would come off easliy. Hopefully it is able to be replaced?? Well anyway heres the picture.
  2. All I can say is try pulling that black thing out and maybe the downstem is attached. I personally dont have any bongs like that so Im not 100% sure as to what you should do.
  3. the general concept is to remove the black O ring (gasket) and pull the downstem out. not ALL bongs are like this but yours looks so. make sure not to use any metal tools such as pliers that will break the glass. use some gloves and use your bare hands WRAR!!! a new downstem should run $5-$15 at your local headshop
  4. knock all of the glass off, into the bong if you have to, just make sure to clean it all out. if there are chunks, just stick something down there to smash it up, but it looks like it has a pretty big chamber. go to a headshop and get a downstem. they are like 5-7 dollars. make sure it fits the hole in the bong. cut a hole in a piece of paper to check if the downstem fits the hole. use two-part epoxy to seal it, available at any hardware store for 3-5. this one bottle can be used 10-20 times depending on the job. (it's also great for fixing broken bowls. with a clean break)
  5. why dont you just buy a bowl peice with a long stem?

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