Free Birth Control for All!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aaronman, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. HHS announces free birth control for women in the U.S. -

    Oh lordy, all those poor women who have to struggle to make it home from the club without being pregnant!

    I'm glad we raised the debt ceiling so the Federal government could continue to finance pharmaceutical companies with brilliant cost saving schemes.
  2. the ghetto women rejoice!!
  3. I find it strange that you guys feel the need to insult the poor to make your point... Well, I guess you guys didn't actually express anything other than your disapproval.

    Aaronman, I'm very surprised you're not in full support of this as a person who champions limited government. A measure like this has real potential to help curtail unwanted pregnancies (without abortion even: isn't that something you'd like to see as well?) especially among low-income individuals whose access to birth control may otherwise have been more limited relative to more affluent individuals.

    Giving women, especially low-income women, greater control over their child-bearing could mean less demand for welfare payments, less demand for food stamps, higher rates of secondary and postsecondary graduation particularly among girls, and a host of other positives!

    If this measure works effectively then it is something that liberals, libertarians, and even conservatives should be able to get behind 100%! [ame=""]Come on![/ame]
  4. My favorite part?

    The way they call it FREE!

  5. Women don't need to be GIVEN control over their child bearing, except in the case of rape, women already have complete control over their child bearing.

    I dont know how you specifically feel, but some liberals feel its a womans RIGHT to have the ability to have sex without worrying about getting pregnant.

    I don't know how much this will reduce cost on welfare, as typically the people who are already abusing the system rely on having kids to do so, unless your force them to take it, they are not likely to volunteer.

    This is not limited government, its the opposite. This is government forcing private business to provide a service. The cost is just going to be passed onto the rest of us in the end.
  6. Sterilize both men and women who make under 15k a year and all of our countries problems go away in one generation. :D
  7. It's not free if you're being taxed.

    Also, I wouldn't trust a pill that is free, specially from the gov.
  8. Wooooooo Hooooooooooooo

    The buffet line at the Catholic Girls High Schools are NOW OPEN !!!!

  9. I didn't mean it like that, lol.

    3. exciting pity <you poor thing>

    I think it's bullshit, condoms cost 25 cents a piece. Why do they need pills?

    The projections that it will save $11 billion dollars is based on hogwash. These people can afford contraceptions, they just don't care. All this does is give them more incentive to fuck like rabbits.

    In addition, the majority of states already mandate contraception coverage for their insurance plans, I don't think the Federal government needs to get involved.

  10. Please stop and think for a moment. What is the root cause for big governments? People. More people, more governing that needs to be done. The small cost producing the pill vs. all the other costs associated with unwanted babies is a drop in the ocean. And yes it is a womans right to have sex without becoming pregnant. Most of the time, chicks just want to fuck. Guess what? Me too!
  11. It's none of your business Mr. Libertarian if they want to fuck like rabbits or not! Have you ever fucked like a rabbit before?

  12. So much fail in one post. Guess what!!! I like having sex to but I dont want to pay for some fat chicks birth control because youre too cheap to by a 25 cent condom. You sir, are a prince among men.:rolleyes:
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    Every child conceived should be a wanted child! I strongly support this.

  14. Great success!

    I love when the plebeians squirm. :p

  15. I don't believe the government will stop expanding if we limit the population growth, they'll still legislate regulations for the corporations benefit and undermine societies civil liberties. It isn't my job or any other corporations job to provide "free" services and it definitely isn't anybody's right to "free" medicine which costs time and resources to provide, that's just organized theft.
  16. fucking great, more tax dollars because people can't be responsible.

    Fuck if I pay a dime towards that, I'll protest that shit
  17. When my tax dollars prevent, kill or feed their spawn, it becomes my business.

  18. So much fail in one post? OMFG. You don't get dude. This program is designed especially for people like you. If you have a girlfriend, wife, one night stand, I pray to god she's on the pill.

    Is there a website were I can donate more money to this program?
  19. The rise of the rabbits!

    Overlord, what can we do about this situation?

    Oh, it's simple... you know, kill the rabbits.

    Genius, Overlord. We enforce them to make rabbits then we kill them for fun. Oh thee, I love you.
  20. What's wrong with Planned Parenthood?

    You realize all this is is a way to pay insurance companies more and get birth control pill companies guaranteed business... who do you think lobbied for this?

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