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    Barney's Farm just keep giving more and more to The Vault customers. They already give a free seed to all customers and a 2nd to all that spend over £50, now you can get another 10 Barneys Farm seeds if you spend over £200 at The Vault.

    This is just insane!

    Read the post, get a 15% discount code, learn more about this offer and of course there is a competition to win some BF seeds too!

    Spend over £200 and get 10 FREE Barneys Farm Seeds
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  2. You targeting me? Who told you I need to get Barney’s Purple Punch because the Barney’s Purple Punch I got from Seedsman never germinated (no shade)? You following me? You eyeballing me boy? Lol.

    But I definitely might have to check out what strains to run with that Punch.
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  3. lol, Barneys Farm know what you want and told us to make it happen, use the discount code and get yourself a ton of free BF seeds :)
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  4. One question, do I have to spend £200 on Barney’s Farm genetics, or just spend £200 or more with The Vault?
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  5. Just spend £200 or more on any breeder and get 14 free seeds but depending on what you buy you will probably get more freebies too, check The Vault Cannabis Seeds to see what else has extra freebies

    AND if you pay by BTC or bank transfer you will get another 5 seeds.....insane deals at The Vault just now!
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  6. This is cool! Great promo! I have a bank account, what's the key/perk to paying via bank transfer? Less hassle/fees on the employer end?

    Never had a bit coin

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  7. Basically within our industry accepting credit / debit cards in the UK and Europe is fine but outside these areas the law keeps changing and as such we cannot always accept credit card payments outside of the EU / UK, so to cover the bank fees customers have to pay we decided to give bonus freebies, so as long as you spend over £50 and pay by bank transfer or bitcoin the cart will give you another 5 seeds, the same for BTC, this is available to all customers in the aspect of fairness

    more details at Pay by Bank Transfer or Bitcoin Get Free Cannabis Seeds

    its easier for us too to accept credit card payments but we cant take any risks on payments. we do get charged large fees for credit / debit card processing so payments by bank transfer / bitcoin means we can afford to give away more free seeds :)

    You can buy your bitcoin with a credit or debit card though so if you choose that option in the cart it will guide you through the process, takes maybe 25 mins the first time but after that when you have your account set up etc. its super easy and fast, no technical knowledge needed either
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  8. I guess I'll spread the word...

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