Free balling

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by :::===={XX}, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. Tonight on my way home from my extreamly fun telemarketing job[yes it is extreamly fun because I do shit all work and just crank call people most of the night MWHOA HA HA HA HA HAAAaa] so yeah im on the train and I notice that it is raining owell rain is good I think to myself. I get off the train at my stop and it is pissing down. Now before I can go home I have to score for old mate so I start running in to the rain just to relise that I will get so wet there is no point in running so I stop running and start walking get on for old mate and smoke 2 of the best stuff ive had in a long time and make my way too drop off. It has been raining heavly now and the lawns and roads are starting to flood not bad though. By this time my cloths are so wet that the rain drops hitting my shirt sound like rocks hitting warter {splash} yes well I drop off and make my way home. I get home and take the wet cloths off just too relise I have no clean dry cloths they were all on the cloths line.

    So the point to all this is that I have been waring a towl for 4 hours now and I LOVE IT
  2. Rock on, my brother.
  3. "Cause I'm freeeeeeee........ freeballin....."

    It's good to freeball every once in a while....
  4. That is seriously hilarious.

    I wore a blanket today while I was doing was cool.
  5. i have walked to the corrner store in a sheet befoe sveral times ...even once in the rain!
  6. hey man...everyone here knows.... bout me an gettin nekked...

    but the way i figure it is, god made ya that way.... why cover it up unless is necessary...

    so get out an flash some ass! ( especially you ladies :p)
  7. Yet another one liberated. lol

  8. I thought it was free falling? haha, hmm, that song has a totally new meaning to me now ;)

  9. LOL, it is Free Falling. Heheh.
  10. im so exctied for you!
    and anyone else you knows how good it feels, aaaah the touch....the feel....the cottoooooon! the fabric of our lives!
    i went out to buy a robe a few years i wont go without one. must have if your have roomies.. naked would be ideal! :D but naked under that robe! ugh! how fun!! even better, seeing your gf in your robe! aaaaaaah :)
    sheets, robes, towels, aaaaah, naked under it all!
    just one tug away! ;) :D

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