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free ass ganja! woo hoo!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. so a dude my bro works with is growing a plant outside. i think its bag seed and just feeding it water and sunlight but its about 4 feet all now and ready for harvest real soon. we went by to take a look today and pinched off a few good nugs. he didint mind so we took maby 10-12 grams wet weight. it still smells good as hell. no seeds due to being alone and sttiiiiiccckkkyyy. well i trimmed em up and hung that shit to dry and scraped all the resins off my fingers and scizzors into a tiny ball of hash. it was just a miniscule little puff but tasted spicy and left me with a very clear little buzz. nice shit. cant wait for them nugs to dry and cure. im gonna dry and cure half of it and speed dry (via food dehydrator) the other half just so i can smoke some right now. other than tasting like lawn clippings will it get fucked up from that?

  2. :hello: niceee, I too am getting free chronic.. 2g's of white widow for helping a friend (its nice to have dealing/growing friends)

    I dont think it will get fucked from a food dehydrator.
  3. nice free weed
  4. i aint got pics cus my camera is busted but its nothin real special. just good sensi buds. nice stoney high and decent taste even thru the dehydrator.
  5. since i didnt pickup my free weed, my friend who got it called me after smoking some he bought and said "it was the best weed he has ever smoked"

    and we wakin and bakin tommorow, damn im excited to wakeup.
  6. Yum, scissor hash, I bet it really helps with the tedious trimming :D
  7. Using a food dehydrator at a low setting should have no effect on the THC and it should be smokable within just a couple hours. The only bad thing is that fast drying methods make it a much harsher smoke. Just use something with water (bubbler/bong) and you will hardly notice it. I did this with a few samples from my grow.
  8. what exactly is ass ganja :confused:

  9. yeah i put that shit in there for about 15 min and it was ready. i smoked it thru my bubbler and it was ok but yes harsh and tasted a little of lawn clippings. i got the rest in a cardboard dry box and then on to the cure jar and i think i will be delighted when its done in a few weeks.

    ass ganja is the kind that you pull outta your ass for free when your dry and dont wanna go buy more.:smoke: hooray for ass ganja!!!:hello: (yes, stoned off the ass ganja)
  10. hahahahaha.............. nice.
  11. Nice! I got a bit of a free hook-up this weekend. I was totally dry and I had the need for some herb, but it was late at night and my normal guy was dry as well. So my sister's boyfriend was in town, staying at the family house. SO i ask him if he's got some herb he gives a little laugh, whips out a ZIP and hands me a little nug. I was very pleased, and it held me over for the weekend. :D

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