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    This is a list I found from another site. If you have the time to breeze through it. Some of them are pretty popular, but all in all it will help you get your art out there! If you have a site to ad that isn't listed, lets hear about it!

    Here is a list of some really great places to Expose yourself for FREE!!!!!
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    There is nothing better than toking up and getting lost in a good Flickr group pool.
  3. Very cool list, thanks!
  4. Bump, this should be stickied, it's a pretty thorough list
  5. Not an artist, but saw this and clicked. I know if i did more art i would love this list.+ rep, possible sticky?
  6. Thought I'd remind people about this list... hey.. remember this a liitle while
    back.. If your not at artist yourself, pass it down to your friends, email the
    list to them or something, there are a lot of useful sites here, some of which I use. A popular one people mention here is deviant art. Take a minute to look through the sites, there are some great community art sites out there. Another is indiepublic. If you have one to ad to the list, reply to the post, and I'll add it.

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