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    "(Philadelphia, PA, May 20, 2013)- Activist advocate Shield Mutual has launched the Free Adam Kokesh Campaign in response to the US Park Police's arrest of activist Adam Kokesh while speaking to a marijuana legalization rally on Saturday, May 18 in center city Philadelphia.
    A video on YouTube shows the US Park Police arresting Kokesh while he was speaking to the crowd. He is currently being held at the Philadelphia federal prison. “They just came after Adam and N.A. Poe, the organizer of Smokedown – the only two there out of hundreds present who were taken into custody,” said Michael Salvi, an observer of the rally.
    Shield Mutual is conducting a call flood on Monday, May 20 starting at 8AM. Friends of Adam Kokesh are currently calling the US attorney, the US magistrate and other federal bureaucrats to politely but firmly demand that Kokesh be immediately and unconditionally released. More than 1,000 people have already RSVP'd on Facebook for the call flood and hundreds have already called."
    Do it! Back each other up or don't expect any help when the Feds come for you, as well.
    Adam Kokesh wasn't even smoking! They arrested him for practicing his right of free speech.

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  3. This was actually the first smoke down event i missed this year since I had work but am upset I did because I would have like to have seen this with my own eyes other than just video, but it was clear Kokesh and Poe were targeted and then treated pretty brutally by the police and rangers for NO reason at all...absolute insanity... All I can say is. When is Smoke Down 6 next month? Think they are going to keep us down? Not going to happen.

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