Free 6 Foot Bong

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    This place sends you free bongs (6 foot ones) and all you have to do is click their links, download their music, and refer others. If you're interested, help a fellow grower out and click the link above. Refer me since this is good info ^^ Thanks and good karma to those who click. This isn't bullshit, they really do send them since some pretty well known people (overgrow) told me it was real.
  2. Yeah right... its not free at all when you think about it, its like me saying to you, I work for olan Mills because they give me free money BUT I have to sell photos over the phone every day. In order for them to send me a "free" pipe I would have to buy there stuff download there stuff and recommend people to them. Sorry but I have been screwed by people like them before, and there only thinking of one thing and that is them selves, id rather go to the shop and spend £7 on a pipe.

    Sorry bud but thumbs down for that link.
  3. I can't handle that big a bong rip anyways!
    Nice avatar Mickey. Made me laugh more than the jokes in my contest. LOL! =D

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