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    Okay, please let me start this off by saying I legitimately believe everything I'm saying...Also...I've been smoking for 3+years and I know what marijuana does to me.
    Also, I am pretty sure most of you will not believe me..just read it if you want to.
    Oh, and i reason I don't list a bunch of things that they say is because i forget most of what goes on during the "phases"

    Okay, I am 18 years old, and a few weeks ago one of my moms friend came over...and we smoked in my garage...playing darts and smoking weed. I really am just hanging out with him because I don't want to be rude...after a few days of this routine he starts saying strange things...its hard explain.To be honest i don't remember most of these..lets call them phases.Its like someone can read your mind without directly proving that they truly can.(BTW, i was high at the moment, but like i said I've been smoking for a while so its no biggie for me.)Okay, A part i remember pretty well, just because i have gone over it so many times.The first time i realized that he could "read" my mind was when i started day-dreaming about moving to a differant part of the world...I don't know i was just thinking about random stuff. In my head i remember thinking about trees.(i live in the desert soo.)and not 2 seconds later he says. "Man, wouldn't it be great to move somewhere with...trees?"(It was always...subtle things like that...with him.)

    It's been going on for a while but that was to much of a coincidence for me...I start freaking out. I go to the first paranoid solution in me head...he can read my mind...after a while of just sitting there with my heart pounding at 1000 beats per second...I start to think of any other solution, weed was laced with something, he can read my emotions, and a couple other crazy mom comes into the room(i smoke weed with my mom) and does not say a the only thing that comes to my head is ways to block him out of my head. I start biting my tongue because in my head i am thinking that somehow i am saying my thoughts aloud and i can't hear them.That does not work.the entire time this is happening my mom is digging though the garage...not saying a word...After I realized that the tongue-biting does not work...I start to think in my head about objects around me...and the first thing that pops up in my head when i "scan" over an object...he starts muttering random things that i passed over in my head. After doing this for a while my mom says..something like...its called scanning...or survaying...something like that.Remember that I don't remember the smaller details when im doing though these phases.I get even more paranoid now that i think that my mom is on it...all i remember after that was going to the bathroom and then i remember going to sleep.

    Over the next couple weeks or so I kinda forget about it. in denial in some sort of way now that i think about it....I did some Google'ing but i could not find much...I gave up searching after a few days of doing nothing else.Then my sister and her boyfriend stay the nights a couple nights.I smoked a blunt on the first day. everything good we were playing xbox and just chilling out...on the second day i must have smoked the same drug or she was doing the same thing he was doing except...Stronger.She said stuff like...I searched for a while...but then I gave that i look back on it that had nothing to do with what we were doing.By now i have been practicing how to think of...nothing. just blank. Nothing-ness. this seemed for me to get them out of my head...I also remember my sister saying "I can act this so well". after like 20 minutes with a blank stare on my face my sister says to her boyfriend "Is this how he really thinks all the time" In my blank state i process everything i hear, but i just don't think about it in detail...maybe this is why i don't remember much i what is going on.After she says that i pop back into my head...and all i did was give her a i don't even know how to explain it...and she said..."Are you starting to get it?" all i said was barely....I dont remember most of the rest of that night...I've been asleep for 20 hours...waking up every 8-5 hours. After i woke up i went to a coffee shop with my laptop and started to write.

    Please know that this is my cry for help...I did not know where to post this so i posted it here...on this website... if you know ANYTHING about what i am going though please post...I don't care if you call me fake, call me a troll.

    P.s I am sorry my explaining is so bad...its like that the areas of memory when they are messing with me are just...blank except for the parts that got me the most freaked out or scared.

    EDIT: When i started first searching to see what it was schizophrenia was one of the first thing that i found...but i put it aside because...well i don't know. But i'm also going to carry around a tape recorder from now on just in case like someone suggested...

    Thanks guys.
  2. one time when i was like about 15 or 16, i was in the bathroom taking a shit minding my own business playing on my gameboy. all of the sudden the bathroom light turn all red and shit, i fuckin literally ran out to the bathroom butt naked and my shorts and underwear was still in the bathroom. i was so scared out of my mined that i didn't even dared to go back into the bathroom to get my shorts and underwear and i had to wipe my ass in the kitchen with the napkins and that shit was rough a motherfucka and i through away the napkins out in the recyclin bin btw. luckily nobody was home because that shit would be awkward as hell lol i was chilling majority of the time in the living room incase some ghost or demon comes out ill run right outside to the front yard.
  3. This shit happens to me all the time, but the other way around. I'll start talking about something then 80% of the time the other person(doesn't matter who) will be like "No way I was just thinking that!" It's pretty fucking trippy actually.
  4. Ok man, I've been reading a book about mental illness and a separate one about schizophrenia and people thinking they are broadcasting their thoughts to other people or people being able to read your mind is a classic psychotic/schizophrenic symptom. You won't believe me though, but go to a doctor and lay off the weed homie.
  5. Thats kinda freaky man.. My mate was saying something similar last night. He said he believed that he could 'read' people's minds. He said he thought that when people open their mouths some of their thoughts come out or something. He did 'experiments' with my other mate and he said it worked. I guess we are all 'connected' because we're made out of the same shit but I'm kinda skeptical about it. He could have just been chatting shit but you never know. Try figure it out when you're not stoned but don't go crazy about it, could just be paranoia.
  6. Yeah, I'd lay off the pot for a minute. I know you've been smoking it for a while, but you're really really paranoid.

    Check back with us when you figure some shit out. Talk to these people straight up and ask them what the hell's going on.
  7. These people are obviously Scanners.

    Take protective measures immediately before you go crazy and your head explodes.

    It's a proven fact that when you are stoned, it's more difficult for Scanners to connect, however, if they are also stoned, their scanning abilities are greatly enhanced.

    Tinfoil hats do not work.

    If nothing else works, and you continue to slide into insanity, try religion, or politics.

    Smoke more weed.
  8. simply ask them to teach you their techniques
  9. This honestly does sound like a symptom of schizophrenia.

    Marijuana is said to bring out underlying schizophrenia.. I'd honestly go see a doctor.
  10. I would seek out a doctor, THC doesn't help with mental illness, try and stop take a 't-break'. This could be serious.
  11. Buy a recorder and carry it in your pocket and relisten to it later on in the day or at night and see if you're telling them things and not remembering.
  12. Petit Mal seizures could also account for disorientation and memory lapses; indefinite periods of blankness with odd auras have a way of feeling like other things might be at play.
  13. I beg to differ; THC and the other mix of chemicals do indeed help with "mental illness". I have spent years in the frustrating care and treatment of doctors who in the end decided that because of my lifelong reliance on marijuana that I am only "drug seeking". Nothing that they prescribed had as much effect on mitigating my particular symptoms as my own self medicating with marijuana; your statement also denies the benefits that many with PTSD receive as well.
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    [quote name='"mrjerky"']
    I beg to differ; THC and the other mix of chemicals do indeed help with "mental illness". I have spent years in the frustrating care and treatment of doctors who in the end decided that because of my lifelong reliance on marijuana that I am only "drug seeking". Nothing that they prescribed had as much effect on mitigating my particular symptoms as my own self medicating with marijuana; your statement also denies the benefits that many with PTSD receive as well.[/quote]

    Talking about schizophrenia here. Which marijuana has been shown to bring out. So shut the fuck up. And remember... people react differently then your own personal experience.

    Disrespect is not tolerated here - WW
  15. Actually the thread was a young man asking for help understanding feelings he encountered that were brought on by potentially adultered smoke; other opinions lead to a discussion about schizophrenia. I bow to the opinion about marijuana's negative effects for those who suffer, but as there is no Government sanctioned testing to allow the medical community to confirm or deny I am still hopeful that the secrets locked inside marijuana can indeed help. I have had experience with a family member who suffered and during times of lucidity it was related to me that weed helped but fear of the doctor either reporting them or denying meds kept them from using. I apologize if I seemed insensitive.
  16. good idea.

  17. lmao hahahaha out of all the replies you take this one. all the other people telling you that you are schizophrenic didn't even phase you!

  18. I edited my post about schizophrenia around the same time i put that reply...
    I do belive it might be schizophrenia...but it also might be something else.

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