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Freaky Full Moon Dream

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. Been a tough week on the big old werewolf, aka BPP.

    For example I had two really freaky dream I want to share. I had this one dream where I am at the beach walking barefoot in the sand and I get a pain in the bottem of my foot. I must have stepped on something becuase I can feel something sticking in my foot. I sit down and look at my foot and see a partial set of dentures with the wire hangers of it sticking in my foot and I am bleeding like a stuck hog all over the false teeth.

    WTF does this dream

    Dream #2, the really weird dream.

    I win a boat load of cash from a lottery and decide to throw a big party. i want some top notch entertainment and hire a music agent to send out a top notch band to play at a party. I don't specify who it is, just say surprise me with a current big star. So a couple of weeks later, the party is going on, all my friends are ther, blades, bladies etc. everybody is wondering who BPP hired to play. I settle down in the front row as guest of honor and the curtain rise on the music act. I just about shit becuae my great music act turns out to be Billy Bob Thornton. But there's a twist Billy Bob only performs at my party as "Carl" from his Slingblade movie. And the only songs he sings are covers from Jim Morrison and the Doors. On the bright side, at leats it wasn't Bee Gees tunes.

    This dream has really fucked me up because all day long I have mumbled and grunted "mmm's" "eeeerrrhhhs" and hummed Doors tunes. It was really funny at first, but now I'm kinda of freaking myself out.

    Peace Out and enjoy your full moon and get out and see Mars tonight. it hasn't been this close to Earth in 60,000 years and won't be this close again for another 250 years.
  2. Here is some advice I hope will be usefull....

    quit dreaming


    I don't l;ike those weird dreams!

  3. This one cracked me up. You brought it on yourself, Poppa, with all of that talk about people sticking their jacked up feet out the windows on road trips. The dentures come from thinking about someone licking your foot and sucking on your toes or better yet, you licking someones feet who has seriously jacked up toes...and the bleeding is your complete disgust with it all. You have a foot thing and now you're dreaming about it. LOL! :D
  4. BPP, its a sign to get them teeth checked!! I seen the pic of you n your doggy!
    lol.. ;)
  5. hahahahah omg thats weird

    you weird basturd ... jk

    anyway maybe you need a dream catcher
  6. I got passed on the higheay yesterday by a northbound RV with Florida tags. The old retired lady in the passenger seat had her nasty feet stuck out the window. I repassed them and flicked my cig out the window in hopes of burning her toes back inside the vehicle where they need to be. Funky toes out the window *Shudddddder*

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