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Freaky Fried Friday

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by daiseyduked, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. hehehe;)

    another freaky fried friday!!! gotta love it! my house is empty! not a soul in here but me...........sparky sparky time!
  2. same here man...nobody here bowl is full time to spark one up
  3. If there was a Freaky Fried Friday dance, I'd be doing it right now! :D Yessum...

  4. cutting some rug right beside ya;)
  5. now i've got ac/dc in my head, time for some back in black;)
  6. Yes! Friday.

    Tonight is an all nighter, who knows what could happen or where we'll end up.

    Party on people!!

    It's after 7pm here so the weekend it's gonna start very soon.
  7. It's all about Kill Bill Vol. 2, after baking of course!
  8. just got wicked high and scored 2 goals in my lax game now its time for the 30 racks
  9. well, unfortunately for me, i have to wait till like 6 or 7 to smoke, cus my connect works late on im sober till then.......
  10. I LOVE FRIDAYS! i picked up a quater of purple haze this morning been baked sense good times, good times.
  11. Its been 70 degrees outside all day here =D Now it is still warm plus it is dark and most people arent outside, so Im going to relax outside my house and spark it up.

    Then eventually back inside for some live zeppelin on dvd =D
  12. it has been a fantamsic FFF for me.

    im so sotned.
  13. HELL YES!! I got back from kill bill 2 about an hour ago. i bonged it up before and that movie rocked!!

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