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Discussion in 'General' started by HiddenPipe, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Ever have that feeling like somthing bad is about to happen?
    I have that feeling right now and it got me worried. I can't shake the feeling. Normally I'm really chilled but now it's like... Idk, it's messed.

    Anyone else able to relate or help?
  2. I sometimes get this. Like you stomache is just caving in on itself and your senses are heightened and you're really alert.

    Put on some calm music and do some breathing exercises and repeat "Everything is okay" until you can feel the phrase in your mind, your body, your soul. Concentrate on each word, then each syllable, then each letter. Think it, visualize it, hear it, feel it

  3. I'll try that. Thanks =D +Rep if it works or not.
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    Listen to this

    [ame=""]YouTube - jamiroquai - morning glory[/ame]
  5. O, wow, that sounds nice, +Rep for you too.
  6. No problem.
  7. the few times i've had that feeling, i've been right about it.

    the last time i was right was sort of stupid, we were in the backyard of this abandoned house and i had a bubbler on me and some of the kids i was with were those people who get annoyingly loud when they're high. i kept looking over my shoulder because i had this bad feeling i would see a flashlight shining on the bushes and it would be a cop. sure enough, 10 minutes later i see a flashlight and hear radio crackles so i jump up and hide my bubbler in this tipped over garbage can and as im going back to my seat a cop comes around the corner with her gun drawn :(
    long story short everyone except for one kid got away with a warning, lol the one kid was under 18 and had a felony against him already so he was fucked.

    hahaha i typed way more than i expected...pretty much, when you get that feeling in your gut be REALLY careful. unless your just paranoid for no reason right now, then ignore it

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