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    Anyone see this show?

    It's one of my favorites of all time. Absolute best soundtrack to any t.v. show. Their treatment of marijuana is intelligent and multi-faceted as well, which is a huge bonus. It's Judd Apatow before he was really Judd Apatow, you know?

    Anyway, I hope you others have seen this show before, otherwise this won't make any sense...
  2. its a great show man. we watched it in school actually. my teacher was pretty cool and im 90% sure he toked haha seth rogan was funny as hell in it too. its a pity it got cancelled
  3. Great show, well-written. Definitely worth the purchase price. Apparently undeclared, the series about college starring/written by most of the same staff, is also pretty good, though I haven't seen it.
  4. got them shits on my netflix and watched them over and over. great great show. just as a note, im pretty sure there is at least one other thread about this show.
  5. one of my favorite shows. james franco is boss
  6. Great show. Lots of famous people started in this show. I have every episode on DVD. Judd Apatows next series Undeclared WAS indeed very good as well.

    For some reason both shows were cancelled after a season. I think if they were released now, they would make a ton of money.
  7. I was not a fan of Undeclared. It was really cheesy.
  8. awesome show, i liked the episode when they switched the non alcohol beer kegs with regular ones and ended up getting hammered
  9. Haven't watched since middle school. I'll have to check it out again. I recall the title being rather self explanitory. I remember some dude had a closet grow. I think it takes place in the 80s. the girl had trouble fitting in. ...she had a brother....that's all I remember.
  10. BUMP!

    Great show, and for those who have never seen it... IFC is airing the series as well as Undeclared!
  11. sweet, any idea when they start on IFC?
  12. Already started, only first two episodes so far.
  13. I effing love that show!!! I have all the episodes on DVD. 8)
  14. I wish that show had run for longer.
  15. my gf introduced me to this show, and its awesome. alot of now notable actors in there.
  16. I was introduced to this show when they used to run it on the fox family channel.
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    me too

    lol @ the fight between sam's friends and his bully "dont let em hit your pressure points it wont hurt now but you'll drop dead 3 days later"

    i passed that along to my friends before every fight when i was little

    and bill is the dorkiest motherfucker you ever seen but he was my favorite character

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