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freakout, why?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by C.O. Southside, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. so me, my buddy, and his girlfriend smoked a joint of some pretty good shit. I was feeling pretty good just chilling and so were they. after like 20 minutes his girlfriend kind of wanders out of the room towards the door and then just breaks down and starts crying. so me and him went towards and were like wtf? then she started kicking at my buddy and saying she hates him and stuff, then she started saying stuff about god and her mom and dad and her uncle (who is 2 years older than her and has had a drug problem before) and all kinds of freaky shit. She even started screaming at us and asking if we loved her and if we loved jesus. Worst of all, like an hour after she was really scared. my question is: what the fuck happened?
  2. wow thats some spooky shit. u only toked? cause it sounds like she was tripping on something. if not, than she probably has some mental problem (?) and mj gets normal people paranoid too so maybe it was too intense for her. maybe she is just crazy
  3. Yeah, maybe she has some underlying mental problem? Some people don't do well with weed to. Just not meant for some. Has she smoked before this? If so how much? Just wanna know if she's really new to it.
  4. she has smoked a couple times before, she started in august. She did get pretty high the one time and she was fine. i think her uncle is schizophrenic, does that mean she might be?

  5. thats pretty possible but im not a doctor. id just stop smoking with her, cuz i like chill environments with chill people, and thinking about: what if she goes crazy again isnt really chill.
  6. yeah, well i'm really scared about that. i told my bud not to smoke for a bit and not to talk about smoking around her and stuff like that.
  7. well this is my personal opinon but mabey shes trying to look out for you, mabey she was just really high and thinking like what am i doing to myself and thought of her uncle and thats why she said that to you, i dont think shes crazy, but who knows im baked as hell haha :D
  8. ooh haha, a good ol fashioned jesus freak out sesh. that ride is rough.
  9. ah i fuckin hate it when bitches freak out.
  10. Underlying stress, weed ain't alcohol. It's not going to make you forget about your problems, if anything it'll just laser in on them and intensify them - that's what happened to my GF when she smoked for the first time in a long time, you just gotta be there for 'em, not any different than any other "freak out"
  11. Its always women that freakout to, guys stay calm.
  12. Not true. I was smoking with my friend, and it was his first time smoking a bong and he threw up after we were done :eek:
  13. She was probably feeling guilty in the beginning, then she started thinking a lot more, and when you're high you tend to think more and get paranoid (depending on the person) so maybe it was too much for her to handle.
  14. True to an extent. Maybe she was having a really shitty day or something. Find out what happened before you pass judgment on her. I'm sure she enjoyed it much less than you did, regardless.
  15. dude, i was there for her, but she was super paranoid thinking that we were fucking with her and shit like that.
  16. One time I was on an L ride and I took a bunch of benzos before we left, and towards the end the kid who was driving threw the roach out of the window, and I blacked out for a couple mins, and apparently flipped out on him, and choked him or some shit like that... I don't remember tho.
  17. #17 weednotcrack, Sep 16, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 16, 2009

    wow,she still believes in a magical man??(a.k.a jesus). she was probably realizing her life was a lie. hahahah , oh well, she was going to find out one way or another. :smoke:

    edit: is she a nieve girl?? cuz she should sounds like 1.
  18. Imagine how her freak out would be if she was on shrooms. That would be interesting lol.

  19. Since when is throwing up from weed a freakout ?
  20. OP - this was probably the first time she ever really got high. She was probably faking the other times you thought she got high.

    I freaked out the first time I really got high. Sad but true :p

    Many years later I came up with the perfect one liner to stop freakouts cold. Tell the person freaking out: "No matter what you are experiencing right now, you will be back to normal in 2 hours."

    I used it once, and it worked on the person. I stand by it :cool:

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